Top 5 Beauty Frustration After Giving Birth + How To Fix It

October 12, 2015

I always encounter questions with regards to all beauty frustrations after a mom has given birth. To be honest, I have a lot of those too and I deal with them single every day.

The truth is, only a few mothers will experience this and every experience is different from each of your pregnancy.

Let me share with you my Top 5 beauty frustrations and how I deal with them every day:

1.    Dark Underarms - This has to be on top because it just has to be on top! I have fair skin and complexion. I am not saying that I have super duper white underarms but it's fair, it's not dark. Pregnancy hormones will make your underarms looked like someone traced a black Pentel pen on it. Seriously! My UA is so ugly and dark that I hate seeing on the mirror every day! I never hated my UA this much... I honestly feel so hopeless!

·         How I deal with it: (1) I stopped using strong deodorants and antiperspirant a month after I gave birth. I switched to a powder based deodorant called Milcu. It is all natural, mild, non-darkening, does not stain fabrics, controls excessive sweating, and prevents body odor without clogging pores. (2) Exfoliate! I am A Bonne Spa Milk Salt as my underarm scrub. I use 3 times a weeks. I have been doing this for only a month and I am seeing slow progress so far. I would share a photo to you but let's not ruin your day.

2.    Stretchmarks – Almost everyone who had a baby will get stretchmarks. Almost. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t get it up until my 8th month pregnancy. Those fine nasty, itchy, horribly ugly marks just suddenly decided that it wanted to come out. Of course, I am proud to say that these were my battle scars and this held my little Arya but I will not pretend and say that I love them.

·         How I deal with it: (1) After giving birth, I started applying Wellspring of Morocco Argan Oil on my belly and immediately noticed the improvements. It became lighter and less itchy. I apply it generously every night before going to bed. (2) I also use Rosehip Oil from Trilogy that I also got from Morocco. I apply it before I put my Argan Oil. I basically use just these two products and I can say that I am satisfied with them. I don’t think my scars will fade 100% but it did became lighter.

3.    Hair Growth – I honestly am a hairy person, Literally balbon! And I am used to waxing and shaving my legs and underarms even before I have a baby. I am not sure why or how my hair grows so fast even though I shave and pluck every day. I just don’t know! Hormones are so weird, I just don’t get them.

·         How I deal with it: (1) I have no choice but to shave and wax every other day, Or else, I might grow a forest.

4.    Dark Eye Bags – With every baby comes with an eye bag. Forever. Just kidding! With all the sleepless nights, I am sure that your eye bag will grow an eye bag and it will just keep adding.

·         How I deal with it: (1) I use Wellspring of Morocco Argan Oil and (2) Wellspring of Morocco Rosewater on my face and extend it to my eye bag. 1 application of these potions magically removes my dark eye bags over night.

5.    Dry Skin – You’ll be sweating a lot from taking care of your baby and will forget to take care of your own body too. Stop! You can’t do that!

·         How I deal with it: (1) Stay hydrated. Always drink plenty of water, (2)  I always make sure that I moisturize. I hate using lotions so I just use moisturizing soap or body wash instead

How about you, what's your postpartum beauty frustration so far?

Rookie Mommy PH - ugh.

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