#MomMoment: Heavenly Treatment From Nailandia

October 14, 2015

I only have two words to describe how I felt after my heavenly treatment at Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa: Pure bliss.

I always pass by this salon whenever I am at the mall but I never really get a chance to try their services because the place is always packed with clients and the waiting list is too long. Not until I decided that it's time for me to have my eyebrows thread. My brows are too think it looked like it was drawn by a Pentel pen...

The branch nearest to me is their branch at SM City Fairview,

I immediately noticed how lovely and relaxing the ambiance is. It's very tropical inside, just like summer. The only thing that's missing is the sand. I was welcomed by Mrs. Zeny, the manager and franchisee of the SM Fairview branch and with her is Mr. Mar, the Business Development Manager from the Head Office of Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa. Both of them are such a lovely and humble person. 

Other than eyebrow threading, which was my top priority, they offered me their best sellers which are:

  • NAILANDIA Manicure: P170.00
  • NAILANDIA Whitening Foot Spa: P385.00

My Nailandia Whitening Foot Spa was the perfect relaxation treatment that I needed the most. It started with a foot scrub, then a massage, followed by the application of the whitening component and got my legs and feet all wrapped up in a cling wrap and hot towel. It was so relaxing that I ended up falling asleep for about a minute or so. 

My Nailandia Manicure was also an experience that I will not forget, simply because my nail technician did a very good job on my nails! I honestly am not used to having manicure or pedicure because I had very bad experiences from which my treatment will be painful. But this one is very different. My nail technician was fast but did a really good job. Being in love with Nude colors, I opted to try one from their Orly collection. Looks lovely right?

My Eyebrow Threading experience was as lovely as the first two. My attendant was very gentle on my brows that this session actually took a lot of time than I expected it be, unlike other salons that I've been to where it felt like they were always in a rush to finish my brow, thus, I always leave their place with a burning red brows. But, again, this is different. My brow were not even stingy and red when I left. Plus, I love how she shaped my brows. Look at that! I wished I took a before photo, but again, let's not ruin your reading. It's just so ugly. 

I guess the only downside is that my face and eyes were aligned on the ceiling's light and there were times that I felt that it is too bright that my eyes were a bit hurting.


5 points for professionalism. They don't gossip or chitchat while they are working on you and that's plus for me. They treat their clients with respect. Also, their nails is so pretty! I actually told my nail technician that I wanted to try the nail polish that she was wearing on my next visit.


5 points for the sweet escape that the ambiance gave me. Now, I know where to go if I needed to hide from Arya. *giggles


It is by far my first ever experience to have my brows and nails done in one place. Their services pretty much checked everything on your relaxation list. 

Overall Experience

I definitely had a great time and now pledging my loyalty to Nailandia. I can say that I am completely and 100% satisfied with my treatment and I look forward to trying out their other services. And I seriously can't wait to try their massages!

  1. Magical Hand Pleasure: Php 1,230.00
    • Whitening Hand Spa
    • NAILANDIA Manicure
    • Hand and Arm Massage (30 minutes)
    • Relaxing Hand Paraffin by DEPILEVE
  2. Magical Feet Indulge: Php 1,480.00
    • Stress Releasing Foot Spa
    • NAILANDIA Pedicure
    • Foot Reflexology (30 minutes)
    • Foot Parafin Dip by DEPILEVE
  3. Classical Whimsical Treat: Php 980.00
    • NAILANDIA Swedish or Shiatsu Body Massage (1 hour)
    • NAILANDIA Manicure
    • NAILANDIA Pedicure
  4. Basic Whimsical Package: Php 750.00
    • NAILANDIA Whitening Foot Spa
    • NAILANDIA Manicure
    • NAILANDIA Pedicure
  5. Finest Enchanting Pleasure: Php 1,370.00
    • NAILANDIA Swedish or Shiatsu Body Massage (1 hour)
    • NAILANDIA Manicure
    • NAILANDIA Pedicure
    • NAILANDIA Whitening Foot Spa

Another thing to be excited about NAILANDIA is their Spa-Party Packages which you can discuss in your favourite NAILANDIA branch. There packages are all consumable and you get to keep the entire salon all for you and your friends for limited hours! So much yaay!

In case you're interested to invest and become a franchisee of Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa, feel free to reach to the contact number on the above poster.

Wanna know something more awesome?

Rookie Mommy PH will be celebrating its first year anniversary soon and I am giving away FREE Gift Certificates courtesy of Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa.

So, stay tuned for more updates!

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Rookie Mommy PH - Looking forward to my next visit!

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