Milestone: Arya's 3rd Month

October 15, 2015

Today, Arya turns 3 month old! Yaay!


  • Coos and makes gurgling sounds
  • Turn head toward sound
  • Pays attention to faces
  • Follow things with eyes
  • Can hold head up
  • Can push when lying and hold that position for longer period
Advance Milestones:
  • Knows how to play "close-open" when guided
  • Sleeps for no less than 7 hours straight at night
  • Being carried like a koala bear
  • Watching Winnie the Pooh on Youtube
  • Munching her hands
  • Bath time
  • Being left alone in the crib when she's awake
  • Wet nappies
  • Loud sounds
  • Big crowd

Happy 3rd Month, Arya!

Rookie Mommy and Daddy - so in love with you!

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