For the Love of Food

October 8, 2015

Pregnancy can make your hormones go crazy. Trust me. But, if there's something to love about having raging hormones while pregnant is that I have an excuse to get all the food on my craving list without somebody stopping me. Ha!

To be honest, I think I've killed so many waiters and cooks in my head whenever hunger strikes me. The feeling was so frustrating and depressing whenever I can't have what I want or whenever the food is taking too long to be served. And there were a LOT of times when I cannot eat what I want because my partner says they're "unhealthy" for me and Arya.

Fortunately, I was able to go around with it by doing the craziest thing I can think of.!

Wanna know what that is? It's really simple. I just pull out the fight card every time I wanted to eat something that is under his category of "unhealthy food when you're pregnant"

My hubby has a habit of surprising me by bringing home food that I love whenever we had an argument. Just in case you're wondering, that includes, fries, burgers, sweets, fried chicken, ramen, siomai...the list is too long, seriously.

So, I came up with a small list that we can argue about and toss each topic on him whenever I crave something that I know he's not going to give me. My plan was a success when he started bringing me home my most loved snacks and even took me out on a date to eat what I plan. It was so sweeeet!

Here's the pregnant me eating Ramen...
Can you see how my eyes sparkles?

Another one with the pregnant me munching on 
those sweet sausages and fries

And another one devouring this 
awesome rainbow snow cone 

I'd simply do anything all for the love of food!

Unfortunately, there were times that I didn't get to eat what I want because he's either arriving home late or when there is a storm outside. Luckily, online delivery was still possible. So much yay!

Online delivery became a huge part of my eating habits when I was pregnant. It seriously became a necessity and knowing how I love to do online shopping, online food delivery became an addiction as well. Hihihi I simply love how convenient and hassle-free it is for me to order food online, especially when my tummy became so big that I cannot just leave the house alone. Believe me when I say that it's really difficult to contain your hunger and your sanity when you cannot get what you want to eat. 

One of the growing online food delivery service is Foodpanda. It is an online food delivery in the Philippines which caters to a whole lot of cuisines that you could possibly name from letters A to Z! You'll go ga-ga over their 1,000 restaurant online to choose from by visiting their website or downloading their app on your devices. Sweet right?! works in just 4 easy steps:

I would not want to hold your time reading all my blah-blahs but I suggest that you go and sign-up now or download their mobile app so you get to munch on your cravings even though they seem very far from you! I know I would.

Visit their website at so you can stop drooling now. Cheers!

Rookie Mommy PH - is now hungry...and there's no food on the fridge!

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  1. "My plan was a success when he started bringing me home my most loved snacks and even took me out on a date to eat what I plan. It was so sweeeet! - So relate! When I started craving on my 1st trimester, panay ang uwi ng pasalubong sa akin! Hahaha. Minsan kahit yung mga out of this world na pagkain binibili at niluluto nya, pero he made sure na healthy pregnant food naman lahat. Ang madalas na trip namin is, mixing my Anmum milk with my meal. One time, we made a polvoron out of Anmum. You can try it. Ito yung recipe na nakita namin sa net: