For Kids: BuriBox - A child's monthly book and activity subscription box!

October 23, 2015

I used to go ga-ga over beauty boxes when I was still single. But, we all know everything changes when you're little one arrived.

I recently discovered this wonderful book subscription box from a fellow mommy friend. She recommended it to me and I got so excited to get one for Arya even though she's far too young to start reading. Just like everybody says "Start em' young!"

About BuriBox:


 A Subscription Box Brought to Your Doorstep Monthly by Adarna House to Help You Develop Your Child’s Love of Reading 

BuriBox, Adarna House's new subscription product, delivers books, activities/worksheets, and art materials straight to your home every month for just P799 per month (inclusive of delivery in Metro Manila). Created specially for the Filipino child, each BuriBox has been carefully crafted and curated by expert educators and product developers. BuriBox comes in two packages: Toddler BuriBox (recommended for children 3-5 years old) and Young Reader BuriBox (recommended for children 6-8 years old).

For parents, providing the best educational materials for their children can be extremely challenging. Knowing how to select the best among educational materials requires expertise and time. Even the act of purchasing can be quite difficult because bookstores and other retail outlets do not always have the titles that parents need. These problems are compounded for parents looking for good educational materials in Filipino.
BuriBox was designed to help parents address these problems. It brings together Adarna House’s bilingual (English and Filipino) books and activities/worksheets to reinforce and supplement a child’s learning. Its packages will develop a genuine love of reading in your child. 

How can I subscribe to BuriBox? 

Just log on to our online subscription platform, subscribe, and wait for your BuriBox to be delivered to your home. Take advantage of the launch price of P799 per month.

​T​wo BuriBox packages are available:
​ ​
1) Toddler BuriBox

4-5 New Preschool Books
7+ Activity/Work sheets
Art Materials
Suggested for Children 3-5 Years Old

2) Young Reader BuriBox
5 Storybooks
7+ Activity/Work sheets
Art Materials
Suggested for Children 6-8 Years Old

I ordered the Toddler BuriBox and here are what's inside:

I can't wait to start playing this BuriBox set with Arya soon!

To find out more about BuriBox,  visit our website or like us on Facebook ​ ​

Wanna know something more awesome?

Rookie Mommy PH will be celebrating its first year anniversary soon and I am giving away a FREE Gift Code for 1 month FREE subscription courtesy of BuriBox. 

Rookie Mommy PH - Encourages early reading to kids
16 comments on "For Kids: BuriBox - A child's monthly book and activity subscription box!"
  1. Amazing goodies! Will avail this buri box in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan | Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. Hi Mommy Mhaan,

      You should get one! :) It's really fun for the kids. We'll be raffling off one gift code on our first anniversary!

  2. My baby kuya and baby bunso will love this😍😍😁

  3. I want to have buribox for my kids to develop their reading skills & unleash the art in them..hehe..

    1. Christine jhoy sales here sis..hindi ko alam pano mapapalitan name eh..hehe

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is for my child's development. :)

  5. My baby will surely love this :)

  6. I want to have a Buribox so that my Bella will learn to develop a love for reading at an early age. :)

  7. I want to have buribox for my kids to develop their reading skills & unleash the art in them..hehe..

  8. Zebb will definitely love this!

  9. Hello mommy!

    I want to have this for Kai, my 22 year old son,and later on for my baby girl yuna.

    Nowadays, sobrang engaged ang mga kids sa gadgets. I prefer na mas magkaron ang mga anak ko ng learning activities like this one. This is a good start para ma develop ang reading habits and passion for books and other learning crafts.

    Will be so happy to take this home to them.

  10. because i love oonagh to develop love for books as she grows old