Cutting Your Baby's Nails For The First Time

October 9, 2015

We recently just decided that Arya will no longer be needing her mittens and socks since most of her mittens could not fit her hands anymore. The only problem we have is that she constantly scratches her face and sometimes she accidentally hits her eyes. Which by the way hurts because of her long nails.

We used to cut her nails every 3 to for 4 days or so, but now that we said our goodbyes to her mittens and socks, we have scheduled her finger nail cutting every after 2 days.

I remember when Arya was still a few weeks old and we were so afraid to cut her nails because her fingers were so tiny that we might hurt her. Eventually, I needed to do it since her nails is just growing too long!

Things that you need to cut you baby's nails:

  1. Alcohol or Sanitizer - you have to make sure that the nail cutter that you will be using to cute your baby's nails is clean.
  2. Nail Cutter - there are a lot of nail cutters for babies that is available in Malls You can opt to buy a nail cutter designed to specifically use for babies, or you can just get a regular nail cutter that is small.
Here's what I use on Arya's nails,

The brand is Safety 1st and this is available in Baby Company and I got this from my baby shower gift registry.

A few things to remember when cutting your baby's nails:

  • You don't have to cut the entire white part that extends but you only have to trim that part to avoid cutting too much nails.
  • Cut when your baby is asleep or behaved. That way, you minimize any accidents that may happen.
  • Cut on a well lit area.
  • Clean your nail cutter before and after using it.
  • Make your cutting round and not squared so there are no sharp edges.

Hope this helps!

Rookie Mommy PH - I miss putting her mittens and socks on.

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