5 Things that turned necessities into luxuries after having a baby

October 29, 2015

Babies are such a bundle of joy and each time I hold and look at my Arya, I feel butterflies on my stomach and a happiness that I cannot explain. However, having a baby surely turns your life upside down, and sometimes, mostly all the time, changes are inevitable. Like, how your necessities suddenly turned into luxuries.

Because, hey! time is of the essence! And 24 hours a day is surely not enough!

Are you with me on these?

#1 - Sleeping

Do I hear the baby crying again? Uuugghhhh!!!!

#2 - Taking a long shower

You know, the kind of shower where you get to sing kareoke while lathering and rinsing instead of splashing water all over your body. Oooh yes, happy times.

#3 - Eating

I cannot remember the last meal that I had where I slowly munched my food.

#4 - Peeing and Pooping 

Sometimes, you just have to leave the crying baby behind and let it all out.

#5 - Shaving or Waxing

I'm a very hairy woman and I take so much time shaving.

Got more things to add, rookie moms? 

Rookie Mommy PH - itching to get my legs waxed!

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