12 Weirdest Things Every Filipino Elder Says To A Rookie Mom

October 3, 2015

As a rookie mom and a millennial mom, we all have heard a lot of unsolicited advice and sayings. Some of us may believed them but most of us ignored them especially when they sounded weird, out-of-this world, or simply unacceptable. Because, hey, living in a world where information and research is very much available doesn't give us the excuse to simply believe on them without consulting at least an expert on the subject matter, or visiting our favorite online search tool, Google.

So, being an admin of a mommy group on Facebook called, 3rd Quarter Pinoy Babies of 2015. I asked them, What are the weirdest things you have ever heard from someone when it comes to taking care of your babies, or when you were pregnant?

The responses that I got was so hilarious that I cannot simply stop myself from sharing it to you. And I know that you're going to love this!

12 Weirdest Things Every Elder Says To A Rookie Mom

#1: From Mommy Doris Joy Villegas
"Gatas sa kanang breast, water sa kaliwa" 
Rookie Mommy PH Says: Wow! That would be really beneficial! Award!

#2: From Mommy Xhie Marie Nicole Rodriguez
"Sa unang dapa, mag latag ng pera at libro. Kung sa libro siya pumunta ay magiging matalino siya, at kung sa pera naman ay magiging swerte siya sa business"
Rookie Mommy PH Says: Bongga! I think I should try this on Arya.

#3: From Mommy Janelle Tamayo Pasajol
"Hilutin ang tuhod para lumabas lahat ang dumi sa katawan"

Rookie Mommy PH Says: Okay, I've heard that bicycle exercise and I love you massage helps our babies poop and I personally do this to Arya and it does help a lot. But, I am not so sure if massaging the knee alone helps. 

#4: From Mommy Candy Vitor Alcaron
"Lagyan ng sinulid ang lampin at noo kapag sinisinok"
 Rookie Mommy PH Says: ......okay?

#5: From Mommy Joanna CabIIdo-De Leon
"Itago ang pusod na natanggal tapos kapag nagka sakit si baby ay pakuluan ito at ipainom ang katas kay baby."

 Rookie Mommy PH Says: I seriously have no words for this...

#6: From Mommy Aubrey May Cuenca
"Ilagay ang natanggal na pusod sa pinto para mataas ng pangarap"

 Rookie Mommy PH Says: *laughs so hard. Can we just leave the umbilical cord alone?

#7: From Mommy Anne Evangellsta
"Dahil boy daw ang anak ko, iwasan itapat ang boobies ko sa birdie ni baby para hindi mahilig sa ***** ang baby ko pag laki."
Rookie Mommy PH Says: ....I wonder

#8: From Mommy Tetet Ilagan
"Yung inunan ilibing sa bakod ng bahay para hindi gala or layas si baby pag laki."
 Rookie Mommy PH Says: Waaaay too creepy!

#9: From Mommy Geneva Ocler Bernardo
"Lagyan ng pulang lipstick ang noo ni baby haggat hindi pa nabibinyaga"
 Rookie Mommy PH Says: Siopao lang ang peg?!

#10: From Mommy Poy Angell Dimaculangan
"Yung unang gupit na kuko idikit sa hagdan para mahigpit ang kapit ng bata pag laki."
 Rookie Mommy PH Says: ....speechless

#11: From Mommy Jovy Ann Becaylas-Vidal
"Wag padedehin si baby ng naka straight ang paa, hahaba daw dede mo."
 Rookie Mommy PH Says: AHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! This is by far the most hilarious thing I ever heard! Award!

#12: From yours truly, Mommy Joarra T Galang-Solis of Rookie Mommy PH
"Gupitan ang eyelash ni baby para hahaba at kakapal pag laki"
 Rookie Mommy PH Says: NO! Kalokohan ito!

Arya's eyelashes is so pretty and long, as you can see on the image above. And I am not allowing any scissor near those pretty lashes!

Got anything you want to add to our growing list? Comment it below or join our Facebook group! You'll have lots of fun talking to other moms for sure. 

Rookie Mommy PH - Still laughing so hard!

6 comments on "12 Weirdest Things Every Filipino Elder Says To A Rookie Mom"
  1. Is that your baby on the photo? How cute are those cheeks!!!

    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, that's my daughter on the banner. :) Thank you! She's getting a heavier everyday.

  2. That baby looks so cute. This article is hilarious :)

  3. Hahahaha! Seriously? I've never heard of these before! Guess my mom, aunts and grandmas are a bit modern. I'm a mom of 3, soon to be of 4 and haven't encountered these weird things from my own elders haha.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Lucky you! Haha! Congratulations on your 4th baby! :)