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Travel: Do your last-minute booking with a tap of your fingertips!

October 29, 2015

Now, now, I know you're in a hurry to book your hotel - that is the reason why you're reading this post. But, let me blabber first.

I remember the days where I used to book flights and hotels non-stop because I have so much time in the world. However, that changed quickly and instantly when our little darling Arya arrived. My God! Oh, how I missed travelling and staycations so much! 

I used to book hotels through their websites and call them for confirmations. You know, those very tedious parts and boring parts of booking your hotel accommodations? - Boring right? it also takes so much of time!

I was planning to book a hotel from a recent blogging event that I attended because I live in the Far, Far away land of Fairview, and travelling back and forth is something that I never wanted to do. Considering that it felt like I was travelling all the way to Baguio City. By the way of how I say it, I wasn't really able to book any hotels because it was last-minute! 

So, I got frustrated and that's when a friend introduced me to this app called HotelQuickly. She made me download the app on my iOS device and I also got a free credits of Php600.00. Yay!

Now, let's get down, dirty and quickly with HotelQuickly. I promise you, this will not bore you.


HotelQuickly is a last-minute hotel booking app that offers amazing deals and competitive prices than other online options. It promises a stress-free and hassle-free booking reservation through your Android or iOS devices.


  1. Download the App
  2. Make a Reservation
    • Once you downloaded the app to your mobile devices, you can quickly register by using your Facebook account or by using your email address. After that, you're good to go! You can quickly pick and book your hotel within the app. Easy right?
  3. Get a Free Night
    • What's great about HotelQuickly is their referral incentives. Remember what I told you earlier about my friend who recommended this to me? I used her code when I downloaded the app and I instantly received Php600.00 credit. So, when you downloaded the app, you will get your own personal promo code to send to your friends and when they redeem it you wil get an additional Php40.000, and another Php600.00 when they book a hotel.

Let me be the one to send you your first Php600.00 HotelQuickly credit!

Here's how:

Download HotelQuickly App > Register via Facebook or Email > Go to Credits > Click on Redeem Voucher > ENTER "JSOLIS" to redeem your Php600.00 FREE credit!

How to Pay:
HotelQuickly accepts credit cards and Paypal transactions.

Where does HotelQuickly operates:
HotelQuickly is available is more than 250 destinations in 15 countries across Asia-Pacific. Not only that HotelQuickly is also available in 9 languages - making the app friendly to for travelers.

Ready to book your hotel for that much awaited stay-cation? I know I am! Go ahead and download the app! Oh, and while you're at it, don't forget to redeem your FREE Php600.00 credit courtesy of Rookie Mommy PH!

HotelQuickly Website:

Rookie Mommy PH - Soooo ready for my much awaited staycation!

5 Things that turned necessities into luxuries after having a baby

Babies are such a bundle of joy and each time I hold and look at my Arya, I feel butterflies on my stomach and a happiness that I cannot explain. However, having a baby surely turns your life upside down, and sometimes, mostly all the time, changes are inevitable. Like, how your necessities suddenly turned into luxuries.

Because, hey! time is of the essence! And 24 hours a day is surely not enough!

Are you with me on these?

#1 - Sleeping

Do I hear the baby crying again? Uuugghhhh!!!!

#2 - Taking a long shower

You know, the kind of shower where you get to sing kareoke while lathering and rinsing instead of splashing water all over your body. Oooh yes, happy times.

#3 - Eating

I cannot remember the last meal that I had where I slowly munched my food.

#4 - Peeing and Pooping 

Sometimes, you just have to leave the crying baby behind and let it all out.

#5 - Shaving or Waxing

I'm a very hairy woman and I take so much time shaving.

Got more things to add, rookie moms? 

Rookie Mommy PH - itching to get my legs waxed!

Health: How concerned are you with your unhealthy lifestyle?

October 26, 2015

Being a new mom brought a lot of new fear to me. Changing my previous lifestyle to a healthy one is not an easy feat but that is also something that I wanted to impart on Arya.

Herbalife Health Poll: 9 in 10 Filipinos ”highly concerned” about the potential diseases that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause

MANILA, Philippines - Nine in 10 Filipino consumers surveyed by global nutrition company Herbalife are “highly concerned” about the potential diseases that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause them, with the same number believing that simple lifestyle changes can help improve their overall well-being.
A good number of the respondents expressed willingness to adopt a healthy lifestyle; 79 percent said that they would cut down on unhealthy foods, 78 percent expressed their willingness to exercise more regularly, and 72 percent said they would make better nutrition choices.
“We welcome the results of the survey. It gives an understanding of Filipinos becoming even more health concious and self-aware that they need to make some lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being. It also gives Herbalife an idea where we are needed, because as the survey revealed only four out of 10 would spend 10 to 30 minutes a day to make simple lifestyle changes,” said Rosalio Valenzuela, Herbalife Philippines General Manager.
The respondents, however, cited the following as the top obstacles to achieving a healthy lifestyle: lack of time for exercise (75 percent), lack of time to make proper nutrition choices (64 percent), and high cost of healthy food (62 percent).
The same health poll likewise showed that the top three aging-related concerns in the country were heart, brain, and eye health.

Better knowledge and understanding
“The findings from the Herbalife survey clearly show that the majority of people in Asia Pacific that we questioned believe in the value of good nutrition and exercise as contributing to their overall well-being. We aim to play a greater role in providing practical tips and information to people to help them understand that the journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle is not difficult to achieve. With as little as 10 minutes a day, consumers can take positive steps to improve their nutrition and be more active, which will improve their overall well-being,” said William M. Rahn, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Herbalife Asia Pacific.
Herbalife conducted the survey in September 2015 in the lead-up to its Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour. It surveyed 1,200 respondents across six countries, including the Philippines, on perceptions towards their health and current lifestyle. Respondents from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand were likewise included in the survey.

Herbalife Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour
Now on its fourth year, the Herbalife Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour aims to deepen people’s practical understanding of the various aspects of living a healthy active lifestyle. Its previous tours in the past three years saw close to 60,000 participants across the region.
This year’s Wellness Tour will feature five members of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) visiting 14 markets and 21 cities across the Asia-Pacific in the month of October. They will share their expert views on how people can make use of the little time they have to make simple lifestyle changes that will enhance their well-being.
Herbalife’s NAB experts will likewise share their views on a wide range of health-related topics, including weight management, brain health and aging; heart health; immunology; and skin care at the medical symposia being held in Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnamn.
The Herbalife NAB experts participating in this year’s Wellness Tour include Dr. David Heber, who incidentally will be coming to Manila, is a leading expert in the field of nutrition and named as one of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds” by Thomson Reuters in 2014 and considered one of “The Best Doctors in America”; Dr. Lou Ignarro, a Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1998 for his discovery of nitric oxide’s health benefits; Dr. Gary Small, a specialist in brain health and aging who has authored over 500 scientific works and has received numerous awards and honors, including the “Senior Investigator Award” from the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry; Dr. Marion Fltechner-Mors, a health nutrition specialist who is currently heading the nutrition and obesity research group at Ulm University, Germany; and Dr. Wang Jae Lee, a physician and academic specializing in immunology and a professor at Seoul National University College of Medicine.
Dr. Heber, who is the founding Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles, will be conducting a symposium for free to Filipino medical practitioners on October 23, 9am, at the Manila Hotel. The symposium will gather a group of 100 doctors, nurses, physical therapists and medical practitioners. The title of the symposium is “Obesity: More Than Just Being Overweight and Nutrition Forecast for 2020.” Seminars of Dr. Heber are recognized by US hospitals as part of Continuing Education Studies, which are often required of applicants. The following day, Oct. 24, Dr. Heber will be holding seminars for thousands of Herbalife Independent Members in the same hotel.
This is the first time Dr. Heber, who is also the Chairman of the NAB and the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, to conduct a seminar in Manila since the company was founded in the Philippines 22 years ago.
About Herbalife                                                                                                                                                   Herbalife is a 35-year-old global nutrition company that sells weight-management, nutrition and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are sold in more than 90 countries to and through a network of independent members. The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife program to help bring good nutrition to children. To learn more visit

Rookie Mommy PH - I am part of the 9 out of 10 ratio.

My Blogapalooza 2015 Experience: Expectation vs. Reality

Blogapalooza is the biggest business to blogger event in the Philippines that happens every year. This year, Blogapalooza 2015 Seasons is the first Blogapalooza event that I have been to. Blogapalooza is in no doubt the most awaited event of bloggers, and this year they promised it to be bigger and better. However, that is not quite what me and my friends experienced.

A lot of bloggers says that the previous years were more far better simply because participating brands were more active and engaged to the bloggers, also the giveaways were really something to be blogged and reviewed about. But this year, instead of bring home actual products and potential brand services, we took home a LOT of flyers, leaflets, and brochures. Oh, and eco bags! Not really what we're expecting.

We weren't able to fill-out the feedback form so let me just share it in here. But first, let me share with you the brands that really stood out and knows how to properly showcase their brands.

Brands that stood out in Blogapalooza 2015:

1. I AM Cardboard PH - I AM Cardboard PH is probably the coolest thing I have experience during Blogapalooza. It makes virtual reality accessible to the mass market by providing virtual reality headsets based on the successful Google cardboard template. We were so busy having fun that we weren't able to take photos of ourselves with the headset. This is really cool!

Facebook page:

2. Regrow - PreGroe - This booth rocks for providing free hair and scalp analysis. Somehow, it is important for me to find out whether I have healthy hair and scalp. And I do have healthy hair and scalp! So, no need to purchase their products yet but I am happy to give out their sample product to a relative who needed it.

3. Flawless Face and Body Clinic - although I am not sure how playing golf relates to their brand, I sure did have fun taking pictures on their booth. That's still a gimmick! Plus, the marketing person is really fun to talk to! They also given me discount vouchers for my future visit and service review on their branch. 

4. Foodpanda - I simply love the Foodpanda mascot roaming around One Esplanade and they really made an impact by providing the food for the bloggers. Although our experience with claiming our food took so long (like an hour and thirty minutes), the food by Bagwings was still great! Here's a photo of my hubby with the panda. *giggles

5. Dyce N Dyne -  Oh, my! Me and my partner had a good time playing at their booth. We played exploding kittens and we loved it! We actually wanted to buy the card but we didn't bring some extra cash with us. Dyce N Dyne is a popular board game bar/cafe in Metro Manila.

6. Manong's Lechon Cebu - This is the best booth that we visited! We got the chance to taste their scrumptious Cebu Lechon and it was so delicious! No sarsa needed!

Rookie Mommy PH Feedback to Blogapalooza 2015 Seasons:

To the event organizers:
  1. Wifi was provided but it is hard to detect and to connect to it. There were almost 600 bloggers (as stated in the event details) participated but there was only one internet connection. In an event where likes, follows, and hashtags mattered, this should have been the priority. Not all bloggers are postpaid users, has wifi kit, or data plans.
  2. The event was a bit disoriented. We do not know what to do or where to go after registering. We just went inside and went all over the place without knowing that there was actually a first booth that you needed to go to you can get your Blogapalooza ecobag and place all of your goodies.
  3. Organizers were hard to find to ask some questions about the event. We searched and looked for the ones in uniforms but they were just really hard to find! We ended up asking the guys who has the One Esplanade shirt for our questions.
  4. We were not aware that senior citizens and kids were allowed to attend the event. Is this a proper event for them?
  1. WHAT IF: Blogapalooza is not just a 1 day event? Each day is a different theme for brands and bloggers so that the event is more targeted to their market. (Beauty bloggers for Beauty brands, Tech Bloggers for Tech brands, Travel bloggers for travelling brands, Mom bloggers for Mom brands / products / services, Food bloggers for Food brands, etc.) - I think this one will be a much more successful event simply because the brands and bloggers are matched, thus, creating more engagement and interaction.
  2. WHAT IF: Blogapalooza was held on a Saturday night? More bloggers could have stayed until the end because, hey! tomorrow is still a weekend and there's no work to be done, and there's no need to wake up early. Just a thought.
  3. WHAT IF: Blogapalooza was held on a more spacious venue? Where there are actually chairs and tables where the attendees can sit and eat while enjoying the event.
  4. WHAT IF: There were food stalls inside? Because people were starving and thirsty.
  5. WHAT IF: There were trashcans inside? Some booths offered food tastings and there was no trashcans placed on the corners of the venue.
To the brands on the Blogapalooza 2015 Seasons Event:
  1. We were just wondering why on earth are you giving away pens, fans, mugs, pillows, key chains, etc.? WHY? Does it have anything to do with your brand? Will the bloggers be blogging about these items? Kumbaga, may maibigay lang?
    • You've already spent so much on the booth and to be part of the event. Why stop there? Why not go all the way? Give away products and gift certificates so that bloggers have something to blog about your brand. Us bloggers, (at least I) take my time trying the products and services so I can make a good and unbiased review. Without those, what am I supposed to do? Blog about your flyers? Hmmm...
  2. You did not invest in Blogapalooza to just sit with a big fat logo of your brand at your booth. We just don't get it. You can talk to us, really, bloggers don't bite. We will love it if you'll tell us more about your product or services. Excite us with your brand! Do gimmicks that is relevant to your brand. You have to remember that your brand will be remembered.
  3. Please don't think that the only reason why bloggers went to Blogapalooza is to get freebies. Well, that is one. I cannot speak for all but I respect myself as a blogger and as a blogger I expect more from brands that participates in these kind of events. The giveaways that you will give will be reviewed and blogged about. Once published, it will also stay on the internet forever. So, invest! invest! invest!
  4. Contests should not be dependent on internet connection. Since the internet connection is too slow. Downloading your apps was clearly not a good gimmick. You want more bloggers to participate and not walk away after reading your mechanics.
    • WHAT TO DO NEXT TIME: Announce that bloggers must Like / Follow your page or download your app so they have more time talking to you and getting to know your brand rather than spending so much time downloading and loading the social media pages.
To the future brands who will participate in Blogapalooza 2016:
  4. ENJOY
Will we be joining next year's Blogapalooza?

Hmmm... Yes? No? Maybe? We don't know for sure. But one thing we know for sure is that that we will look forward on the bigger and better Blogapalooza.

Despite all of that, me and my friends still enjoyed the event. The best part was seeing each other again after a while and another best part for me was when a few bloggers called and said "Hi" to me during the event.

Rookie Mommy PH with a zombie from Outbreak Manila

Rookie Mommy PH with a fellow mommy blogger

Rookie Mommy PH with From Manila With Love 
and The Techie Lifestyle Bloggers

There you go! Blogapalooza 2015 was an experience I will not forget and I look forward to future events of Blogapalooza.

Happy Blogging!

Rookie Mommy PH - participates #Blogapalooza2015 #ResponsibleMedia

For Kids: BuriBox - A child's monthly book and activity subscription box!

October 23, 2015

I used to go ga-ga over beauty boxes when I was still single. But, we all know everything changes when you're little one arrived.

I recently discovered this wonderful book subscription box from a fellow mommy friend. She recommended it to me and I got so excited to get one for Arya even though she's far too young to start reading. Just like everybody says "Start em' young!"

About BuriBox:


 A Subscription Box Brought to Your Doorstep Monthly by Adarna House to Help You Develop Your Child’s Love of Reading 

BuriBox, Adarna House's new subscription product, delivers books, activities/worksheets, and art materials straight to your home every month for just P799 per month (inclusive of delivery in Metro Manila). Created specially for the Filipino child, each BuriBox has been carefully crafted and curated by expert educators and product developers. BuriBox comes in two packages: Toddler BuriBox (recommended for children 3-5 years old) and Young Reader BuriBox (recommended for children 6-8 years old).

For parents, providing the best educational materials for their children can be extremely challenging. Knowing how to select the best among educational materials requires expertise and time. Even the act of purchasing can be quite difficult because bookstores and other retail outlets do not always have the titles that parents need. These problems are compounded for parents looking for good educational materials in Filipino.
BuriBox was designed to help parents address these problems. It brings together Adarna House’s bilingual (English and Filipino) books and activities/worksheets to reinforce and supplement a child’s learning. Its packages will develop a genuine love of reading in your child. 

How can I subscribe to BuriBox? 

Just log on to our online subscription platform, subscribe, and wait for your BuriBox to be delivered to your home. Take advantage of the launch price of P799 per month.

​T​wo BuriBox packages are available:
​ ​
1) Toddler BuriBox

4-5 New Preschool Books
7+ Activity/Work sheets
Art Materials
Suggested for Children 3-5 Years Old

2) Young Reader BuriBox
5 Storybooks
7+ Activity/Work sheets
Art Materials
Suggested for Children 6-8 Years Old

I ordered the Toddler BuriBox and here are what's inside:

I can't wait to start playing this BuriBox set with Arya soon!

To find out more about BuriBox,  visit our website or like us on Facebook ​ ​

Wanna know something more awesome?

Rookie Mommy PH will be celebrating its first year anniversary soon and I am giving away a FREE Gift Code for 1 month FREE subscription courtesy of BuriBox. 

Rookie Mommy PH - Encourages early reading to kids

Skin Care: Cathy Valencia Eternal Youth Soft Cream Review

October 22, 2015

One thing I hate about being a new mother is the dark circles around my eyes as well as the layers and layers of eye bags. I know how much you can relate! Fortunately, I am one of the few to receive a gift bag that includes a sample sachet of The Eternal Youth product line during the Product Preview held at their Eastwood branch last October 17, 2015

This one is my favourite! - The Eternal Youth Soft Cream

A little more about Eternal Youth Soft Cream:

Now to get to the most interesting part - the product trial.

Trust me when I say that I always have difficulty when switching and trying out new skin care products. My skin is very sensitive and it always results to break outs or skin allergies whenever I put something on my face. To be honest, I hesitated to try this cream. However, given that the brand is premium, I know that my skin will have only the best - and the moment I applied it, I prayed that the next morning will not leave me with allergy marks.

The Eternal Youth Soft Cream is very light and smooth on the skin. It is easy to spread across my face and it was immediately absorbed by my skin. I have been using my sample sachet for almost 5 nights now and I am loving the results. 

I apply it day and night.

  • Removed my dark spots on the eyes. This is the first thing that I noticed the following morning after my application. It was like magic!
  • Glowing effect. The moment I looked in the mirror, I instantly saw how my skin was glowing. And I didn't washed my face yet!
  • Tighter pores. On the third day, I noticed that my pores were a bit smaller than before.
  • Firmer skin. My face feels firmer and smoother the morning after my application.
  • I wished they put more on the sample sachet. *giggles
  • Price. Since the brand is premium, you can also expect that the product is pricey. The Eternal Youth Soft Cream is sold at P8,000.00 per 30 grams a bottle. But, I have to say that it is so worth it!
Do I recommend it?

Yes, I do! This is by far the only product that worked great on my skin in such a short period on time and I strongly encourage you to try it.

Would I buy it?

Yes, I will! If I have the money to splurge. I don't think I'll be able to purchase the actual bottle soon, which is making me feel so sad. It's just a bit too pricey for me and I honestly think that I will need it for Arya's vaccines, milk, and diapers. *laughs

The Eternal Youth Soft Cream is available in all Cathy Valencia branches at P8,000.00.

For more information, you may visit their website at

Wanna know something more awesome?

Rookie Mommy PH will be celebrating its first year anniversary soon and I am giving away a FREE Gift Pack courtesy of Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic and Cedrix Slimming and Wellness.

Let me know how this works on you when you decided to give it a try?

Rookie Mommy PH - Beauty is such an investment!

Cathy Valencia Eastwood Branch Blessing & Product Preview

October 18, 2015

I recently got an exclusive invite for Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic Eastwood branch blessings and product preview event.

During the event, I got to meet their brand endorsers, Mr. Isabel Oli - Prats and Ms. Camille Prats. They both shared their favourite Cathy Valencia products that they use and we were lucky to get a peek on those.

Papaya Triple Whitening Soap, Vitawhite Toner C Plus, Facial Clarifying, Retinoic Acid Cream, Whitening Plus, Tomato Cream, Vitapurewhite Cream, Mela-C, Resin, and Cleosol.

Cathy Valencia also launched her new product line called, The Eternal Youth.

Eternal Youth Lightening Cream, Soft Cream, and Anti - Aging Sunscreen SPF 50

  1. Eternal Youth Lightening Cream. A highly efficient natural skin lightening cream that influences different pathways involved in melanin formation. It effectively inhibits melanin formation and provides exceptional brightening benefits, fading the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. It inhibits the binding of a-MSH, a natural hormone that induces skin pigmentation, to melanocytes. It also fights photoageing and inhibits tyrosinase, and trp-2 activities.
  2. Eternal Youth Soft Cream. The most targeted soft cream for delaying aging. Formulated with bioactive polypeptides and biometic peptides that compensate for the natural loss of youth protein as we age. It stimulates the DNA repair mechanism and keratinocytes to secrete growth factors that make your skin wrinkle-free, smooth and firm for forever young, youthful skin.
  3. Eternal Youth Anti Aging Sunscreen SPF 50. A sunblock cream that stimulates the DNA repair mechanism after UV irradiation, and induces ECM biosynthesis. It reduces lines and wrinkles, redensifies and firms the skin, and increase skin smoothness. It also increases the concentration of NMF in the upper SC for 24 hours. A fast-acting cream that provides long-lasting all-day moisturization, it reduces the risk of developing chronic photodamage and delivers a visible lift. 

I also got the chance to interview the lovely and stunning Ms. Cathy Valencia, the owner of Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic and Cedrix Slimming and Wellness (who is 40+ years old, btw. ) about the best service she can offer to new moms like me.

Ms. Cathy immediately recommended their new service which is called Ultralux Method
The Ultralux Method is a system of safe and non-invasive procedures to regain the lost beauty of your skin by replacing dead cells with the new one. Ms. Cathy mentioned that this procedure is ideal for removing stretch marks, uneven skin tone, dark skin, post pregnancy problems, etc. - I personally think that is the perfect service for moms. And I am excited to try out this service soon.

To know more about Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic, its services and branches, you can visit You can also send your inquiries through their Facebook page

Wanna know something more awesome?

Rookie Mommy PH will be celebrating its first year anniversary soon and I am giving away a FREE Gift Pack courtesy of Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic and Cedrix Slimming and Wellness.

So, stay tuned for more updates!

Rookie Mommy PH - excited to try Cathy Valencia's products and services

Milestone: Arya's 3rd Month

October 15, 2015

Today, Arya turns 3 month old! Yaay!


  • Coos and makes gurgling sounds
  • Turn head toward sound
  • Pays attention to faces
  • Follow things with eyes
  • Can hold head up
  • Can push when lying and hold that position for longer period
Advance Milestones:
  • Knows how to play "close-open" when guided
  • Sleeps for no less than 7 hours straight at night
  • Being carried like a koala bear
  • Watching Winnie the Pooh on Youtube
  • Munching her hands
  • Bath time
  • Being left alone in the crib when she's awake
  • Wet nappies
  • Loud sounds
  • Big crowd

Happy 3rd Month, Arya!

Rookie Mommy and Daddy - so in love with you!