CUDSLY: Rookie Mommy PH's Favorite One-Stop Online Store

September 12, 2015

Online shopping is one of my favorite things to do even before I got pregnant and it is no different today. One of my favorite online stores for babies, kids, and mothers to be is

I always find myself browsing through their website even though I am not buying anything. Cudsly offers a wide range of products that is available to babies, toddlers, juniors, and even mothers. I recently bought Arya's Bitbit the Rabbit stuffed animal and a bunch of Arya's favorite diaper here.

Another thing that I love about Cudsly is that there are tons of ways on how you can pay for your order. I usually go by "Cash On Delivery" or Paypal. They also have a very active and awesome staff on their Facebook page which answers promptly all your inquiries and follow-ups of your order, they always have diapers on sale so that is plus as well! 

The only downside and negative thing that I have to say about my experience with them is that the orders usually takes more than a week (includes weekends) before my order arrives, so if I have to order diapers, which I have to make sure that I always order in bulk (because that's much cheaper) and plan ahead or estimate when my next order will be because it takes so much time before my item get to me. But, other than that, I am perfectly happy and satisfied customer of Cudsly. *wide smile here

I find their online shop really helpful especially for moms who doesn't have the time to go shopping for their baby needs. You'll find their website very interesting and I am sure that you will not close the browser without purchasing an item from them.

You can visit their Facebook page here:


Enjoy and start shopping, Rookie Mom!

Rookie Mommy PH - looking forward to my next Cudsly transaction!

*This is not a paid blog post

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