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August 7, 2015

"Breast milk is breast milk."

Happy International Pumping Day!

I never stopped researching about the ways I can give Arya my liquid gold after giving up on directly latching her on my breasts. I am really lucky to have an ample supply of breast milk, just enough to continuously mix-feed Arya.

During my research, I learned more about the moms who chose to go the other way, "EPING" - Exclusive Pumping is already popular in other countries. However, here in the Philippines, mothers who chose to pump and bottle-feed pumped breast milk or formula milk to their babies are often shamed by the mothers who chose to exclusively breast-feed their little ones. Most support groups will encourage and force you to exclusively breast-feed without carefully looking into a mother's situation, thus leaving the others feel guilty and discouraged to continue her breast-feeding journey if she is having personal issues of her own.

I was on the hunt for mothers who are also going in this direction here in my country. Are there any? I tried searching on Instagram and lo and behold, I found one! This mother is a cold-blooded pumper! I asked her tips and advice on how she was able to build and keep her milk supply without latching her baby girl and she happily gave me her personal tips. A few hours after, someone commented on our thread, inviting us to join an exclusive Facebook group for mothers like us. 

Exclusive Pumping Pinays  

Taken from the Facebook Group Description:

This is for mothers who are exclusively pumping/expressing for their babies may it be by choice or they find breastfeeding difficult or had problems breastfeeding. A place wherein we can share tips and advice and provide support for one another while we are in the journey of pumping and nursing our little ones.

No judgement here mommies

I immediately joined and was surprised to see that there was only 12 members in the group. I am an admin of another motherhood-pregnancy group called 3rd Quarter Pinoy Babies of 2015 where all the members are moms who will give birth within the 3rd quarter of this year. I created a long post about this new group and I was surprised by the amount of response that I got. Most of the mothers wanted to be part of it immediately because of their different and personal reasons. I, then coordinated with the group founder, Ms. Jhoanna Marie Aguila that I will be inviting other mothers from my group to be part of our group. Together, we can build the group and help other mothers who are aiming for the same goal - and that is to feed breast milk to their babies in any way they can. Jhoanna was very excited, she made me an admin and from 12 members I was able to boost up our community to 60 members, and we are still growing!

That's when we realized that we were not alone in this journey. Mothers started voicing their hearts out. How bottle-feeding seemed like a mortal sin, how formula and mixed-feeding makes you less of a mother. We saw how important our support group is becoming and we are very much excited to build strong relationship to these moms.

If you think you fall under this category, I encourage you to please join our group. You can find us on Facebook or you can simply invite me and Jhoanna as a friend and we can directly add you in the group if you cannot find or join the group.

Exclusive Pumping Pinays:

Joarra Torres Gaang-Solis:
Group Admin

Ms.Jhoanna Marie Aguila:
Group Founder

Happy Pumping, Rookie Moms! 

Rookie Mommy PH - happy breast pumper
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