My Birth Story at Fairview CHMC

July 22, 2015

"Oh no! My water bag just broke!"

I finally gave birth to my little Arya exactly seven days ago and I am now on my way to my full recovery, along with the nasty postpartum blues that I will share with you soon.

Not so long ago, I cannot stop fussing how slow my pregnancy was. I wanted to give birth so I can move on and escape the things I was dreading about my pregnancy. Little did I know that on the day of July 15, 2015, at 10:16pm, I will finally have my little Arya.

Here's my birth story at Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center:

My EDD: July 17, 2015
Birthdate: July 15, 2015, 10:16pm

I started having mild contractions on the morning of July 15th, about 30 - 20 mins apart, if I remember correctly, it was between 4am - 5am when I was having them but the pain was still bearable, just like when you are about your menstruation. However, we decided to visit the my doctor just so we can check if everything is still fine but then it turns out that my cervix is still closed and still has a long way to go before my due date. 

So, we went to the mall for a 2 hour stroll, contractions was still mild lasting about a few seconds for every 20-15 mins apart, I can still walk and eat while having them in between.
With no bloody show or any water breaking, we just decided that we shout head back home and monitor if things will progress.

I stayed the whole afternoon eating and drinking fluids while watching my fave tv shows. It was between 1pm - 6pm that I started feeling stronger contractions, and with every contractions I cannot help but to curse. Deep breathing and visualization helps a lot too!

7:00 pm: 
My contractions were becoming stronger and short in intervals and that's when my water bag broke. I felt a little pop in my stomach and when I tried to stand-up, a gush of water spilled on my bed.

7:30 pm: 
We arrived at ER and I was immediately admitted into the Labor Room.

Contractions are becoming stronger but still bearable. Resident OB (Dr. Nash) checked me and I was already 5cm dilated. He asked me if I wanted to get an epidural, I said not yet, maybe later.

8:30 pm: 
My contractions were getting more longer and intense, breathing exercises were not helpful. I asked for an epidural but the anesthesiologist is still on the way.

9:00 pm: 
I was already yelling in the labor room when the epidural was administered, resident OB checked me again and I am already 8cm dilated. Almost there! Hooo-hooo-Heee-hee...

10:00 pm: 
My OB (Dra. Rowena Vega) arrived, checked me and I am 10cm, fully dilated. Yay! Epidural kicked in and it was heaven! I was wheeled into the Delivery room by everyone, they were so excited and joyfully talking to me, instrucing me how to push and how easy and smooth it will be.

10:16 pm: 
After 5 pushes, baby Arya is out! I am in awe! They put her in my belly and I just cannot stop looking at her beautiful face and how hairy she was. My OB asked me if I wanted to be sedated and I said no. I wanted to see and be with Arya the whole time.

So they cleaned me and stitched me down there while I gaze upon my little Arya in the weighing scale. The journey was all worth it! Having Arya is what I think what true love feels like.

If you're thinking of giving birth at Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center, go ahead! I highly recommend their hospital for having awesome staff. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me deliver my baby.

Here's a run down of the things you need to know about giving birth at FCHMC:

  • I gave birth via NSD and spent 2 days at ward
  • Epidural cost me P8,700.00 (Dr. Abesamis)
  • Pedia cost me P3,500.00 (Dra.Bucu)
  • OB's professional fee cost me P20,000.00 (Dra.Rowena Vega)
  • Several mom and baby kits were given
  • Food is good

Total bill is almost P50,000.00 (less Philhealth)

We ended up staying at the ward because sadly, there was no available rooms on the night that I gave birth. We lined-up for a small private room but our number was not progressing. I suggest you reserve a room when it is your due date week so you can be comfortable when the big day comes.

I cannot wait to share more stories with you as I move along with my recovery and motherhood experiences.

Bye for now as I have to feed my Arya,

Rookie Mommy PH - I cannot wait to tell you horrible I'm recovering from my stitches. See you on my next post!

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  1. My wife is expected to give birth by late feb or early march 2016. We have a house in north fairview but work and live in Infanta Quezon. Our OB who has a clinic in Infanta also got one in Metropolitan Hosp which is pretty far from fairview. Can you give us the contact details of your OB in CHMC? My no. is 09081827282. TIA.

  2. Im using my wife's google acct ☺

  3. Hi Mommy, 16weeks na po ako preggy at nabasa ko bLog mo. Pwede ko po ba sabihin sa CHMC at Dra. MicheLLe DeLa Cruz na refereL mo ako? 09258577262 no. ko po. Thanks a Lot.

  4. Hi Joarra, nung nanganak ka, malapit lang ba sa actual due date mo? thanks!

  5. Thanks Joarra, dito ko rin plan manganak by april. hopefully maging ok lahat, thanks for sharing all these. First time mom kase ako, kaya eto i rely on mommy blogs and tips!

  6. Hi Ms Joarra. I'm 2 weeks delayed and I think I'm pregnant even though faint positive pa ang result ng pregnancy test. First time ko ito kung sakali and I'm already 34 kaya medyo panikera na. Taga Susano Caloocan ako pero i find your blog very helpful. Can I have your ob's sched? Thank you in advance and God bless to you and to your family.

  7. Hi.. u have mentioned Dra. Michelle Dela Cruz as your OB but it seems a different OB attended to your delivery? u mentioned Dra. Vega.. why not Dra. Dela Cruz? thanks