Are you giving birth yet?

July 7, 2015
Everyone kept asking me, "Are you giving birth yet?"

So, I haven't been blogging for a few weeks now. I became busy between munching pineapples and doing squats for the past few days but nothing is coming out of my vagina.

My bags are packed and I am literally ready to go, but baby Arya doesn't want to come out yet.

I am almost at my 39th week and I have been feeling the worst body aches ever and still having no sign of labor.

Yesterday, I went in for my regular check-up with my doctor and she told me that baby's head is already low and engaged. However, when she did an internal exam, which is by the way not so painful at all, only uncomfortable, we found out that my cervix is still closed and I am not yet dilating. Such disappointment...

She did told me not to worry because basing on my never ending complaints of how painful my pelvic area are, she said that I might be ready to give birth any time this week. 
It has been hell, especially at night time, when my baby is most active. The pressure and shooting pain in my vagina and pelvic area will cause my body to send into panick mode. It will lasts for a few minutes until I sway my hips while leaning forward, rocking my baby inside so she can stop moving and that's when I can finally sleep. However, the pain will not go away. I find it most difficult just to turn right and left while lying in bed and getting up to use the bathroom. It feels like I did an extreme exercise without proper warm-up, resulting to a lot of muscle soreness. It is really painful...

"It's still a progress" says my doctor.

I asked if I needed to take meds to soften my cervix and she told me just to let my body do it's thing. No need to rush since the baby is moving down already.

"Just continue walking and talking to your baby. You'll have her in your arms soon enough probably this week." She says.

"Oh, and lessen your carbs intake. It will make your baby grow big and you might have a difficult labor which we don't want." she added. Great...just great!

I do hope Arya comes out soon, It's already stressful enough that I'll be going through one of the scariest moment of this lifetime. I wanted my 3rd trimester to end already so I can start cuddling with my baby. 

I know a lot of moms will probably tell me that I will miss being pregnant and having those kicks in my  tummy, but seriously, waiting is not fun anymore. I just want her out already.

Any tips you can offer to fasten my labor?

Rookie Mommy PH - 38 weeks pregnant and very very impatient

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