10 Reasons Why I'm So Tired of Being Pregnant

July 11, 2015

My recent blog posts are turning sour as I approach my last and hopefully final weeks of pregnancy. I just reached 39 weeks today and despite all the effort that I have been doing to naturally induce labor, my cervix still remain closed.

I am not sure how low my baby has dropped but basing on my last appointment, her head is really really low. It's just that the cervix is still taking its time. My OB is patient and advised me to just let my body do its thing, however, as my due date grew nearer, more fear seemed to cloud my mind. I do not want to be induced, or worst, end up having a C-section. I just want to get this pregnancy over with and take care of my baby here, in my arms, where I can see her and cuddle her.

I am just so tired of being pregnant!

...and here are the 10 reasons why I said so,

  1. I am feeling so much pelvic pain and pressure that also affects my right leg for a reason I do not understand. I literally waddle every time I go to the toilet.
  2. I feel so heavy. My pre-pregnancy weight is 43 kilos and now I weigh at 59 kilos.
  3. I need to watch my diet. "Eat less carbs" - said the doctor. Because baby will grew bigger and I will have a hard time birthing her into the world.
  4. Back pain and soreness. Do I need to elaborate?
  5. Less sleep. Because of reason #6 and #7
  6. I have to pee every 2 hours
  7. I woke up every time I need to turn to the other side
  8. Intense baby movements which peaks at night. It feels like the baby will break my ribs or tear my skin apart.
  9. I'm becoming more annoyed and irritable as days pass by. 
  10. I cannot find any comfortable position for everything that I do. 

I am really hoping to go into labor soon, hoping that it will be fast too because I just cannot take this anymore. I am so tired, irritated, and hormonal.

Rookie Mommy PH - 39 weeks pregnant and so so so tired.
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