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5 Things Your OB/GYN Never Told You About After Giving Birth

July 30, 2015
It's only been two weeks since I gave birth and I am feeling so much better now. Most of my body aches are gone and my bleeding has lightened. But let me tell you what I've been through during my first few days after giving birth. 

Get ready, these are the things that your OB never told you about after giving birth:

  1. You will have a hard time peeing - If you had epidural, you'll definitely have a hard time peeing. You will not be able to feel your bladder even though it is full. Your nurse will keep coming back to your room to check whether you peed already or not. If not, she will then scare you and tell you that if you will not pee on her next visit, you will meet her handy-dandy catheter. 
    • TIP: all you have to do is relax. Sure, you will not feel your bladder but you can still somehow trick your mind into thinking that you can feel it. You'll eventually pee and escape the wicked nurse's catheter. 
  2. Going #2 will be the hardest and scariest thing you have to do - If you had a tear or an episiotomy, chances are you will be scared as hell to go #2. It's completely normal not to feel the urge to poop for a couple of days after you give birth. You'll get there, and I swear it was not the nicest feeling in the world. I would cry in the toilet because I did not poop for almost 3 days and It felt like my intestines are going to come out, worst, I felt like my stitches are going to rip apart. I was really about to go crazy.
    • TIP: take as much fiber rich food as you can while you are still pregnant, especially when you are near your due date. You have to help your body too so you will not have a hard time pooping. If eating fiber doesn't help, you can take laxative that is prescribed by your doctor. That's what I did and believe me that it will help you a lot. If these will not work, I hate to break it to you but suppositories are the next in line. So, good luck!
  3. You will deliver golf ball sized blood cloths - I seriously did not anticipate how much blood and how big my discharge will be. I mean, sure, I know I will bleed after pregnancy but my goodness! Everything is just so yucky that I cannot simply describe how horrible it is.
    • TIP: stock up on your maternity pads, bed pads, and longer sanitary napkins. Go for the super absorbent type so you can avoid having too much leak in your undies.
  4. Your body will feel like it's not yours and you will feel bad about it - I literally felt like my head was placed on someone else's body after I gave birth. My tummy was flabby and squishy which felt so weird. My rib cage felt as if someone punched it and I was just aching all over I was crying most of the time because I cannot move and felt like I was paralyzed. It was really scary.
    • TIP: get yourself some good pain relievers. Make sure that it is prescribed by your doctor. The changes will ease up a bit after a few days but you'll definitely still feel that your body is not yours.
  5. You'll be like one of the penguins from the movie Madagascar and Quasimodo from the cartoon Hunchedback of Notre-Dame - because you have the stitches, the body aches, and sleepless nights with your newborn, you will most likely be walking like a penguin with your back hunched most of the time. I don't know why, but it is the only body position that I am comfortable with whenever I am walking. Sometimes, I just don't want to walk and stay in bed.
    • TIP: get as much help as you need especially when moving around the house and taking care of your newborn. Get as much rest whenever you can. Eat lots of energy boosting food so you can get well really fast.
So, do not forget to also plan for yourself after you give birth. Recovery is one of the hardest thing to do when you have a newborn baby. Make sure you have someone to help you with things you cannot do so will not go crazy.

Rookie Mommy Ph - Still recovering and I cannot wait to get back on my feet again.

My Birth Story at Fairview CHMC

July 22, 2015

"Oh no! My water bag just broke!"

I finally gave birth to my little Arya exactly seven days ago and I am now on my way to my full recovery, along with the nasty postpartum blues that I will share with you soon.

Not so long ago, I cannot stop fussing how slow my pregnancy was. I wanted to give birth so I can move on and escape the things I was dreading about my pregnancy. Little did I know that on the day of July 15, 2015, at 10:16pm, I will finally have my little Arya.

Here's my birth story at Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center:

My EDD: July 17, 2015
Birthdate: July 15, 2015, 10:16pm

I started having mild contractions on the morning of July 15th, about 30 - 20 mins apart, if I remember correctly, it was between 4am - 5am when I was having them but the pain was still bearable, just like when you are about your menstruation. However, we decided to visit the my doctor just so we can check if everything is still fine but then it turns out that my cervix is still closed and still has a long way to go before my due date. 

So, we went to the mall for a 2 hour stroll, contractions was still mild lasting about a few seconds for every 20-15 mins apart, I can still walk and eat while having them in between.
With no bloody show or any water breaking, we just decided that we shout head back home and monitor if things will progress.

I stayed the whole afternoon eating and drinking fluids while watching my fave tv shows. It was between 1pm - 6pm that I started feeling stronger contractions, and with every contractions I cannot help but to curse. Deep breathing and visualization helps a lot too!

7:00 pm: 
My contractions were becoming stronger and short in intervals and that's when my water bag broke. I felt a little pop in my stomach and when I tried to stand-up, a gush of water spilled on my bed.

7:30 pm: 
We arrived at ER and I was immediately admitted into the Labor Room.

Contractions are becoming stronger but still bearable. Resident OB (Dr. Nash) checked me and I was already 5cm dilated. He asked me if I wanted to get an epidural, I said not yet, maybe later.

8:30 pm: 
My contractions were getting more longer and intense, breathing exercises were not helpful. I asked for an epidural but the anesthesiologist is still on the way.

9:00 pm: 
I was already yelling in the labor room when the epidural was administered, resident OB checked me again and I am already 8cm dilated. Almost there! Hooo-hooo-Heee-hee...

10:00 pm: 
My OB (Dra. Rowena Vega) arrived, checked me and I am 10cm, fully dilated. Yay! Epidural kicked in and it was heaven! I was wheeled into the Delivery room by everyone, they were so excited and joyfully talking to me, instrucing me how to push and how easy and smooth it will be.

10:16 pm: 
After 5 pushes, baby Arya is out! I am in awe! They put her in my belly and I just cannot stop looking at her beautiful face and how hairy she was. My OB asked me if I wanted to be sedated and I said no. I wanted to see and be with Arya the whole time.

So they cleaned me and stitched me down there while I gaze upon my little Arya in the weighing scale. The journey was all worth it! Having Arya is what I think what true love feels like.

If you're thinking of giving birth at Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center, go ahead! I highly recommend their hospital for having awesome staff. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me deliver my baby.

Here's a run down of the things you need to know about giving birth at FCHMC:

  • I gave birth via NSD and spent 2 days at ward
  • Epidural cost me P8,700.00 (Dr. Abesamis)
  • Pedia cost me P3,500.00 (Dra.Bucu)
  • OB's professional fee cost me P20,000.00 (Dra.Rowena Vega)
  • Several mom and baby kits were given
  • Food is good

Total bill is almost P50,000.00 (less Philhealth)

We ended up staying at the ward because sadly, there was no available rooms on the night that I gave birth. We lined-up for a small private room but our number was not progressing. I suggest you reserve a room when it is your due date week so you can be comfortable when the big day comes.

I cannot wait to share more stories with you as I move along with my recovery and motherhood experiences.

Bye for now as I have to feed my Arya,

Rookie Mommy PH - I cannot wait to tell you horrible I'm recovering from my stitches. See you on my next post!

10 Reasons Why I'm So Tired of Being Pregnant

July 11, 2015

My recent blog posts are turning sour as I approach my last and hopefully final weeks of pregnancy. I just reached 39 weeks today and despite all the effort that I have been doing to naturally induce labor, my cervix still remain closed.

I am not sure how low my baby has dropped but basing on my last appointment, her head is really really low. It's just that the cervix is still taking its time. My OB is patient and advised me to just let my body do its thing, however, as my due date grew nearer, more fear seemed to cloud my mind. I do not want to be induced, or worst, end up having a C-section. I just want to get this pregnancy over with and take care of my baby here, in my arms, where I can see her and cuddle her.

I am just so tired of being pregnant!

...and here are the 10 reasons why I said so,

  1. I am feeling so much pelvic pain and pressure that also affects my right leg for a reason I do not understand. I literally waddle every time I go to the toilet.
  2. I feel so heavy. My pre-pregnancy weight is 43 kilos and now I weigh at 59 kilos.
  3. I need to watch my diet. "Eat less carbs" - said the doctor. Because baby will grew bigger and I will have a hard time birthing her into the world.
  4. Back pain and soreness. Do I need to elaborate?
  5. Less sleep. Because of reason #6 and #7
  6. I have to pee every 2 hours
  7. I woke up every time I need to turn to the other side
  8. Intense baby movements which peaks at night. It feels like the baby will break my ribs or tear my skin apart.
  9. I'm becoming more annoyed and irritable as days pass by. 
  10. I cannot find any comfortable position for everything that I do. 

I am really hoping to go into labor soon, hoping that it will be fast too because I just cannot take this anymore. I am so tired, irritated, and hormonal.

Rookie Mommy PH - 39 weeks pregnant and so so so tired.

Are you giving birth yet?

July 7, 2015
Everyone kept asking me, "Are you giving birth yet?"

So, I haven't been blogging for a few weeks now. I became busy between munching pineapples and doing squats for the past few days but nothing is coming out of my vagina.

My bags are packed and I am literally ready to go, but baby Arya doesn't want to come out yet.

I am almost at my 39th week and I have been feeling the worst body aches ever and still having no sign of labor.

Yesterday, I went in for my regular check-up with my doctor and she told me that baby's head is already low and engaged. However, when she did an internal exam, which is by the way not so painful at all, only uncomfortable, we found out that my cervix is still closed and I am not yet dilating. Such disappointment...

She did told me not to worry because basing on my never ending complaints of how painful my pelvic area are, she said that I might be ready to give birth any time this week. 
It has been hell, especially at night time, when my baby is most active. The pressure and shooting pain in my vagina and pelvic area will cause my body to send into panick mode. It will lasts for a few minutes until I sway my hips while leaning forward, rocking my baby inside so she can stop moving and that's when I can finally sleep. However, the pain will not go away. I find it most difficult just to turn right and left while lying in bed and getting up to use the bathroom. It feels like I did an extreme exercise without proper warm-up, resulting to a lot of muscle soreness. It is really painful...

"It's still a progress" says my doctor.

I asked if I needed to take meds to soften my cervix and she told me just to let my body do it's thing. No need to rush since the baby is moving down already.

"Just continue walking and talking to your baby. You'll have her in your arms soon enough probably this week." She says.

"Oh, and lessen your carbs intake. It will make your baby grow big and you might have a difficult labor which we don't want." she added. Great...just great!

I do hope Arya comes out soon, It's already stressful enough that I'll be going through one of the scariest moment of this lifetime. I wanted my 3rd trimester to end already so I can start cuddling with my baby. 

I know a lot of moms will probably tell me that I will miss being pregnant and having those kicks in my  tummy, but seriously, waiting is not fun anymore. I just want her out already.

Any tips you can offer to fasten my labor?

Rookie Mommy PH - 38 weeks pregnant and very very impatient