Our Discovery of 100% Pure Argan Oil: Now Made Available in the Philippines

June 8, 2015

This will be a really long story and might bore you but if you’re really interested and loving Argan Oil as much as we do then you will love this post.

It’s already been almost a year since I started using Argan Oil. What made me do so? I have super sensitive skin plus a mild case of eczema of my face whenever the weather is changing. I randomly saw some posts and feed back about Argan Oil coming from Korea which made me search for Argan Oil that is available in the Philippines.

Sadly, looking for a legitimate and 100% pure argan oil was not an easy feat. You see, Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils in the world and its benefits are priceless. Argan Oil can only be made by extracting the oil (by hand of the tribes of Berber women or by the using a slow pressing machine) coming from the kernels of an argan fruit or nut from an argan tree which can be found in Morocco. Sounds amazing right?

I was able to find some online stores and specialty stores that offers and claims to be selling 100% pure argan oil. Argan Oil is not cheap; it is very pricey. A few ml on a bottle can cost a lot. So I tried a few brands and very pleased with the results. I stopped using all my beauty products for about a week and used 2 drops of argan oil on my face in the morning and before I sleep at night. My face lightened, my eczema subsided on the third day and completely gone by end of the week, my pimples also dried and my skin started to glow. It was obviously a dream come true. I mean, seriously, this is just oil and it did so much on my skin already. So I just stick to this routine since then until now and I never had any eczema anymore and my skin became clearer. I was scared to switch back to my old routine so I bought more argan oil.

My sisters then, who have a lot of skin breakouts, started noticing the changes on my skin. I told them about the argan oil and where I bought it. I actually told them to buy their own it is extremely pricey, but since I still have a lot and it’s not like they have enough money from their allowance, I just gave in and gave them a few ml in a shared bottle. Their trial with the oil worked wonders too! Soon, when my mom arrived from Vietnam, I told her to purchase herself a bottle too and let her friends and co-workers try the product too. So she ordered herself a few bottle and took it to her in Vietnam. My mom was probably the most excited and passionate about using the argan oil since it also did wonders to their skin. And that’s when she saw the opportunity it make this our family business. Okay, why not?

We had a lot of questions along the way, how and where we will able to get a pure argan oil? How do we know it if is really pure? How about the legalities and documentation? How do we get people to try the argan oil – because this is the only way for them to believe the great benefits and effect that we are talking about, and when do we start selling?

As I mentioned before, my mom is really in to this, 100% serious and ready to invest. So she started directly contacting tribes and farms in Morocco that will be able to help us with our supplies. She started looking for bottles, and me and my partner started thinking of brand names, logos, packaging designs, etc.

Everything eventually falls into places. We were able to get a legitimate supplier from a farm in Essaouira Morocco that not only supplies us with pure 100% organic argan oil, but also educated us of all the things we needed to know about argan oil, bottle supplier, printed and finalized our logos and labels, and of course, processed the registration of the business.

We weren’t ready to launch it yet before letting a few of our friends try the first batch of our argan oil. So what we did is we gave out free samples of 3ml bottles to our friends via my Facebook account and lo and behold a lot of the actually wanted to try the oil! I was so happy even though we were giving the oil for free – the important thing is that they were able to try and see the results first before actually spending money on expensive oil. When they gave their feedback, I made sure to document everything and asked for their permission if I can later use it for marketing materials and they said yes. They are now our first and loyal customers and very much satisfied with our product. :)

Now, to cut this very long story of our Argan Oil journey, we are now slowly transitioning and making a few marketing efforts in our social channels so that a lot of people can try and enjoy the benefits of Argan Oil.

I will not mention the previous oils that I have tried before as we have discovered that they are not really 100% pure argan oil – but they still deliver great benefits. The problem with these other brands is that they claims to be 100% to customers who are not knowledgeable what 100% argan oil looks, feels, and smells like, most of the time, these oils were mixed by other carrier oils which lessens the potency and effect of a 100% pure argan oil.

Our product, Wellspring of Morocco Argan Oil is a premium quality product of pure and genuine organic and 100% Argan Oil. If you’re interested to try or purchase our argan oil please feel free to leave a comment, send me personal message or you can simply check out our Facebook page and Instagram account. See details below

Watch out for the coming blog posts as I will be talking about how to spot a real 100% argan oil and it’s benefits. :)  

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2 comments on "Our Discovery of 100% Pure Argan Oil: Now Made Available in the Philippines"
  1. I'm a dialysis patient for 5 1/2 years, and my skin is getting dry. I want to try argan oil.

  2. I am using Argan oil bought in SM for over 2 years now znd it did wonder to my skin. I am interested to try your version.