How I Organized My Own Baby Shower

June 3, 2015

Throwing myself a baby shower was one of the most fun events I have organized for myself. I mean, who doesn't love cutesy stuff, catch-up time with friends, and presents?! 
I love presents!

My baby shower was simple and fun. Our guests were composed of our closest friends from college and work. My overall objective of the baby shower is for us to finally complete our baby item needs and wants, but catching-up and seeing their faces after so many months made the event more exciting for us.

So, how did I organized my own baby shower? Here are a few steps and tips:

1. Create your baby shower gift wishlist: It's easier for you if you'll list the things that you still need before the baby arrives. It also gives you an idea which items will be included in your gift registry. I made my list via Google Spreadsheet which all the guests have access with plus adding notes where they can buy the items in mall stores or online.

2. Create your gift registry: It's free and fun! I made my baby shower gift registry via SM Fairview Baby Company and SM Department Store. Both of them offers 10% off discount to all your items and guests who will purchase the things that you put in your registry. You can also verify which items have already been bought and which are not which made gifting easier for your guests. Don't leave this out, it's fun! fun! fun!

3. Create a Facebook Group for invited guests: You will always want to update your guests about the event details and changes as the date grew nearer. I made mine 3 weeks prior to the event to give the guests enough time to RSVP. This is where we also posted our official baby wish list link, gift registry instructions, and venue map.

4. Rent tables and chairs (if you need to): We held the baby shower in our garage so I needed a few tables and chairs for the event. We contacted Fun World Party Needs via their Facebook page 2 weeks before the event to rent a few round tables and chairs. You can ask them to set it up for you if you want to. They are easy to talk to and offers really good and professional service.

5. Giveaways: You cannot forget your giveaways. This is the next important thing next to food. I originally planned to just create loot bags with sweet stuff but my auntie, who is an owner of chocolate and customized packaging business offered to do the giveaways for my shower. Yaaay! You can literally customize everything from chocolates down to the packaging. Mine is a storybook like with a yummy white chocolate inside:

You may contact Lourdes Torres of Guilty Pleasures at
Mobile: 09083629650 | email:
*Their business is still new and their website is still under-construction.
You may directly email them for samples and pegs inquiries

6. Food and Drinks: You may opt to stick with easy to eat food or buffet style. This totally depends on you. Ours was composed of really heavy meals since our shower was done in the afternoon until late night.

7. Plates, spoons, forks, and garbage bags: This is pretty much self explanatory. We don't want to wash dishes so we opted to go for everything disposable. Saves a lot of time.

8. Games: We originally planned for games but ended up not having one because we enjoyed talking and catching up with each other that ate the entire party time. But hey, it's always good to prepare one just in case you needed to warm up your guests.

9. Cameras: Take lots of photos or selfies as much as you can. Or you can also ask your guests to take them for you if you are busy running around entertaining them. You'll be needing these memories for you album to show your baby soon.

10. Gift cards and letters: I asked my guests not to forget to include a gift card or letter with their gifts so I can keep them and show it to Arya when she's older. I've always been a keeper of love letters and cards since I was in elementary and I wanted to do the same for Arya. I know she will appreciate all the memories when she is older.

Overall, it was a fun and little bit stressful day for us. Opening presents was one of the best things that we did at the end of the day. I will definitely put the on the blog soon as I organize my mommy and baby bag. :)

Rookie Mommy Ph - 33 weeks pregnant, scared and excited.

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