Things to Love and Hate About Pregnancy at Third Trimester

May 7, 2015

This is it, I am already at the final stretch of my pregnancy. - The Third Trimester

I have been breezing through my 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy unlike other pregnant women. I never experienced any difficulty during those two semester. However, no one told me that being in the last semester is the hardest and straining semester ever. Ever! Nakakaloka!


  1. "What is sleep?" - I mean, seriously?! What is it? My sleeping patterns became wild once I hit the third trimester. 

  • I need to constantly pee. Like, every hour. I love drinking water during the night so that contributes to that too.
  • I can't seem to find a comfortable position to sleep. Pillows don't really help. My belly is growing big and I find it really difficult to balance myself on my bed. What I do is I have a pillow between my legs, a pillow to support my belly, and sometimes a pillow on my head. But still, it doesn't help a lot
  • Shortness of breath. Breathe In, Breathe Out. Never in my life I have experience shortness of breath. This is really scary. I find it difficult to breathe whenever I lie down flat on my back or whenever I sit awkwardly. I also find it difficult to breathe if I ate a lot. So, yeah, no more heavy eating at night.

  1. "Is it hot in here or what?" It's REALLY hot, I mean REALLY REALLY HOT. I do believe that being pregnant quadruples your body heat. Summer in Philippines really sucks. Global warming sucks, everything and everyone sucks.
  2. Anxiety, Depression, and Fears. What did I get myself into? I'm not a cry baby but this pregnancy made me so much like a child. It's probably just hormones, plus the thought of pushing out a human out of a tiny hole and everything that will happen before and     after that. Nothing to worry about. 
  3. "What's for breakfast? What's for pre-lunch? Lunch? Afternoon snack? Pre-dinner?        Dinner? How about mid-night snack?" This is self explanatory. Don't judge.
  4. Frequent check-ups. I hate this. Third trimester means check-up every two weeks from the previous once a month check-up. I hate being in the hospital. The aura just creeps me out plus I hate being reminded that a few weeks from now, I will be rushed in this   place and get hooked-up with a lot of machines that I don't know anything about. I                 really hate hospitals

But, despite all that, I still find some things to love about being in this last, final stretch.

  1.  Baby movements. It always makes me smile to feel Arya move around my tummy, it makes me smile and help me re-adjust my thinking from negative to positive. Because going back to #3 above.
  2.  Everyone seems so nice! I don't know why but now that my belly is big and noticeable, everyone, even strangers suddenly seems so nice to me. No more lining up at the grocery lane, taxi lane, elevator, etc. 
  3. Baby Shower! No one throws a baby shower during the 1st and second trimester so     this is really something I am looking forward too along with my friends. And yes, I am   throwing myself one with my friends. Because I want too....and it's for the baby.
  4. Shopping for Arya's items. I am currently building my diaper stash. I have this growing fascination and addiction to diapers at the moment. I don't know exactly why...
  5. Excitement. Despite all the fears and drama. I still find myself getting excited for the big delivery day. I can't wait to hold little Arya, to see her beautiful face, and to play with her tiny hands and feet. But then again, this will all happen after all the panting, heavy breathing, and possibly screaming.

Care to share your love and hate list? Please do.

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