Mommy Mundo #MomManifesto Day 2 Worksheet

April 23, 2015
After realizing how my activities from Day 1 worksheet sucked and totally unproductive, I decided that Day 2 will be different. 

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I know for a fact that I spend most of time online doing nothing, but putting it on paper and writing it down made me feel bad and made me want to turn back time and hoped that I used that time wisely. 

So, here's what I did, I focused and list down the things that I needed to do online so I get a clear picture of what I really needed to accomplish:

Not bad, eh?

Now here's my complete worksheet for Day 2:

My observation:

I find Day 2 more productive than Day 1 and it made me feel good about the things that I needed to finish today. This project is pushing me not to be lazy all the time and spend my time wisely on things that I needed to sort out even though I just at home and waiting for my baby to be born. Another observation is that after finishing a task, I found myself looking for another thing to do. *Giggles

I'm excited for Day 3 and really hope that I can keep this up until the very end of this campaign.

Are you joining too?

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