It's a Girl! - My Fetal Biometry and 3D Scan Experience

April 20, 2015
It's a girl!

Baby Arya G. Solis

Finally, after months of waiting, me and my partner was finally able to found out the gender of our baby! I did mentioned from my previous posts how much we wanted our baby to be a boy but I guess the genes from my side of the family is much stronger.

My OBGYN originally requested for just the normal Pelvic Scan that can determine where my placenta is now (27 weeks) and the gender of the baby. However, me and m partner opted to have the 3D scan so that we can get a glimpse of how our baby looks like from my womb.

We had the scan done at Dra. Michelle Dela Cruz' Lagro OBGYN Ultrasound Clinic, where we also had our second trimester scan back then. The usual Pelvic Scan costs about P750.00 and we only spend P1,200.00 this time for the Fetal Biometry and 3D Scan. Not a bad price!

We were so pleased and happy with this clinic because Dra. Michelle always managed to capture our baby's best profile. Arya was awake during our scan and she is very cooperative. She even managed to give us a smile!

My results were good too! Baby Arya is no longer in breech position and is already head down and my placenta moved up as well! Yaaay! I really wish my pregnancy will continue to go smoothly so I can achieve a natural birth at Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center.

We got hungry so decided to go have our lunch at the famous legendary shawarma house in Fairview called Tri-Mo Shawarma. Yum! So, if you're near the are, go check out their clinic but don't forget to stop by the shawarma place too!

Next on my to-do list? Baby Shower Planning! I'll keep you updated, rookie mom!

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