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Mommy Mundo #MomManifesto Day 2 Worksheet

April 23, 2015
After realizing how my activities from Day 1 worksheet sucked and totally unproductive, I decided that Day 2 will be different. 

Click here to go to Mommy Mundo #MomManifesto Campaign

I know for a fact that I spend most of time online doing nothing, but putting it on paper and writing it down made me feel bad and made me want to turn back time and hoped that I used that time wisely. 

So, here's what I did, I focused and list down the things that I needed to do online so I get a clear picture of what I really needed to accomplish:

Not bad, eh?

Now here's my complete worksheet for Day 2:

My observation:

I find Day 2 more productive than Day 1 and it made me feel good about the things that I needed to finish today. This project is pushing me not to be lazy all the time and spend my time wisely on things that I needed to sort out even though I just at home and waiting for my baby to be born. Another observation is that after finishing a task, I found myself looking for another thing to do. *Giggles

I'm excited for Day 3 and really hope that I can keep this up until the very end of this campaign.

Are you joining too?

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and Pregnant

Our Harlow Crib From The Baby Company Travel Gear Sale

Now's your chance to grab all your baby gear needs with The Baby Company's Travel Gear Sale!

A few months ago, we saw this really cute crib and we really wanted to get it. However, we find it really expensive at P8,000.00. At that time, we don't really know if we wanted to get a crib or to co-sleep with our baby.

But we did thought of getting a good baby mattress because I was used to sleeping on the floor with just a mattress elevated on the floor ever since I was young because I kept rolling and falling off a bed. Japanese style. So we got Arya a baby mattress from Sm Dept. Store in SM Fairview branch: Teflon Oil and Water Proof, Hypoallergenic 4x24x42" from Uratex Premium Mattress at a discounted price of P1,800.00 - We find it a bit weird that when you buy the same exact product from Uratex it will cost you about P7,000.00. So, yay for getting this cheaper!

My mother then asked me if we have a crib already and I told her that we don't plan on getting a crib anymore. Mom told me that I will be needing a crib once the baby can roll, crawl and stand so she offered to get one for me. Yaay again!

I wasn't aware of the Baby Company Travel Gear Sale until me and my partner passed by their store and saw this crib, and I just loved it! Price included!

Harlow Crib 24x48"
Original Price: P11,999.00 | Discounted Price for Mom Card Holders: P5,500.00
It comes with free 2x24x48 crib mattress and Fan Fun for Mom Card Holders

I immediately took a photo of the crib and sent it to my mom who is working in Vietnam and she told me to go get it before someone else's will. Triple Yay!

My partner went back to the store and asked them to reserved the crib to my name for 24 hours so I can get to get it on the next day. New crib for Arya! To be, honest, we still don't know where will put the crib in my partner's room, but hey! New Crib! *giggles

I also got a cute toy-accessory that plays a lullaby when the string is pulled, plus the free Fan Fun which will be handy when it's hot.

There you go, you can still catch Baby Company's Travel Gear Sale up until April 30, 2015.

Oh, and before I forgot, a day after we got the crib, they had a new display of super duper awesome crib that is convertible to a toddler bed for around P8,000.00 which has an original price tag of almost P18,000.00. I could have gotten that if I saw that first but then again, more problem for us if we will not be able to get a space for it in our room. 


Rookie Mommy Ph - I'm 24 and Pregnant

Rookie Mommy Ph Joins Mommy Mundo's #MomManifesto!

April 22, 2015

I have always been a follower of Mommy Mundo from the day I found out that I am pregnant with my first child. Mommy Mundo helped me a lot especially from the things I needed to prepare myself for while in transition to this wonderful journey called motherhood. And it's not always easy.

I've been missing out on all of their awesome activities because I had a hard time travelling during my first few weeks of pregnancy which is why I am so thrilled that they are having an online campaign for moms and soon-to-be moms just like me! Yay!

From the #MomManifesto website:

"Mommy Mundo’s Mom Manifesto campaign hopes to give moms a fresh perspective on life by helping them focus on the important and discover their sense of purpose. Through a series of online workshops, each needing only 15 minutes to complete, moms are given the tools to gain a more insightful knowledge of themselves—their daily routine, family history, parenting style, goals, and interests."

I got excited and finally thought of something fun to do where I can focus my time by joining the #MomManifesto. Knowing how much of a waste my every day is, I decided to participate. I immediately downloaded their worksheet and filled-out the form using just my laptop. Sadly, I don't have printer available at the moment.

Here's a peek at my worksheet  #1: this is how my every day goes? I didn't realize it up until now.

Worksheet #2 will be filled-out after I finish filling-out the first sheet but here's a glimpse of it:

I am 100% committed to finishing this online activity and I encourage you to give it a try as well! Let's support other moms, expectant mom, and rookie moms out there to join and be part of #MomManifesto.

Know more about Mommy Mundo's #MomManifesto Online Campaign by visiting their website at or you can also check out their Facebook page.

It's a Girl! - My Fetal Biometry and 3D Scan Experience

April 20, 2015
It's a girl!

Baby Arya G. Solis

Finally, after months of waiting, me and my partner was finally able to found out the gender of our baby! I did mentioned from my previous posts how much we wanted our baby to be a boy but I guess the genes from my side of the family is much stronger.

My OBGYN originally requested for just the normal Pelvic Scan that can determine where my placenta is now (27 weeks) and the gender of the baby. However, me and m partner opted to have the 3D scan so that we can get a glimpse of how our baby looks like from my womb.

We had the scan done at Dra. Michelle Dela Cruz' Lagro OBGYN Ultrasound Clinic, where we also had our second trimester scan back then. The usual Pelvic Scan costs about P750.00 and we only spend P1,200.00 this time for the Fetal Biometry and 3D Scan. Not a bad price!

We were so pleased and happy with this clinic because Dra. Michelle always managed to capture our baby's best profile. Arya was awake during our scan and she is very cooperative. She even managed to give us a smile!

My results were good too! Baby Arya is no longer in breech position and is already head down and my placenta moved up as well! Yaaay! I really wish my pregnancy will continue to go smoothly so I can achieve a natural birth at Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center.

We got hungry so decided to go have our lunch at the famous legendary shawarma house in Fairview called Tri-Mo Shawarma. Yum! So, if you're near the are, go check out their clinic but don't forget to stop by the shawarma place too!

Next on my to-do list? Baby Shower Planning! I'll keep you updated, rookie mom!

Rookie Mommy Ph - I'm 24 and Pregnant

Free Pampers Sample Pack with P&G's Newest Online Platform - EverydayMe!

April 13, 2015
It's literally raining diapers on my house! 

A few weeks ago, I came across an on-going advertisement of Pampers on Facebook where they give out samples of their product:

The advertisement directed me to a new website called and asked me to signed-up.

EverdayMe is an online platform mostly catered to women who loves to read, share, and engage online with the topics revolving on family, home, food, travel, beauty, shopping, and a lot more. It is an online community wherein users can share ideas and inspiration by creating their own articles, tips, and reviews to fellow users of the site.

I browsed through the website and was really pleased to find helpful topics with my pregnancy. I recommended this to a few moms who I've been actively in contact with in few forums and they were as happy as I am with how the site is helping them with their every day.

Finally, my welcome kit and sample products arrived today!

EverydayMe Welcome Kit: 
8 Discount Coupons from their partners and 
your personal EVerydayMe membership card

Pampers Baby Dry Sample Pack

Whisper Cottony XX Long with Wings

I can't wait to try Pampers with my soon to be little one and I will definitely put up a review soon.

Without a doubt, EverydayMe will be part of my every day online routine so I can explore, share, and meet new moms that has the same interests as me.

Sign-up now and check their online promotions and on-going sample giveaway, visit their website at or you can simply check the Facebook pages of your favorite P&G brand and see how you can yourself to be part of this new and growing community.

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and pregnant

How To Survive Summer When You Are Pregnant

April 8, 2015

I have always loved summer and it is my most anticipated time of the year! Planning for the next beach destination, shopping for bikinis, and going all out summer fun is indeed what I am excited about.

What I didn't expect is that I wouldn't be able to do these things once I got pregnant and on to my second trimester. 


  1. I cannot stand being too far away from the toilet even for an hour.
  2. Nausea and dizzy spells hits me everyday at around 9am - 12pm.  But I don't vomit
  3. I have to look after my low placenta. Meaning, I have to make sure it goes up rather than staying low.
  4. I cannot stand being in direct sunlight even for a few seconds. It will fry me and my baby to death! They say that the body heat temperature doubles when you're pregnant. Well, I think that is a lie, I think it triples! It is seriously hot in Manila right now!
  5. No one will go with me. Because suddenly, everyone thinks I'm so fragile.
So, with no beaches to go to, I have no choice but to stay in the city and to deal with my sweaty pregnant self all alone. Goodbye, beaches! Goodbye, bikinis! Goodbye, Summer!

But then again, I am not giving up! So, I round up a few things I was able to do (and still doing them) to help myself get relief from the intense summer heat.

Here goes,

1. Go shopping! Spend time going around the mall shopping for your little one, or just hang-out at the food court and let your skin enjoy the air-condition.

Here's me going around 
The Baby Company in SM Fairview branch

2. Eat your favorite summer treat! My list for this is endless! Halo-Halo, Ice cream, Snow Cone, Ice Cube, Fruit Shake, Ice Candy, Iced Jelly, Ice Scramble, Frozen Yogurt, and so on.

Nomnomnom! All for me!

3. Go swimming! Swimming is actually safe and a good exercise when you're pregnant and if your OBGYN allowed you to do so. Luckily, my family decided to rent out a private pool for a night swimming where I enjoyed barbecues, chips, karaoke, and imitating a dog swimming around with my growing belly.

Another me, ready to dip in the pool 
with my 6 months belly.

4. Stay hydrated. I cannot further exaggerate how important this is. You have to drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day to avoid heat stroke and dizziness. If you're going out, make sure you carry a water bottle with you. This will surely help you a lot.

5. Take frequent showers or half-baths. You don't necessarily have to scrub yourself every time you go cleaning yourself. Sometimes, all you need to do is to splash around the tub for a few minutes to cool down. Make sure you maintain your balance to avoid the slippery floor.

6. An ice pack or a cold towel beside your bed. I am not sure if anyone does this but I surely am a fan of this. I always make sure that I have a few ice cubes with a hand towel near my bed so whenever I feel hot at night I will just wipe the cold towel to my body or to my face.

With all of the tips mentioned above, I am able survive the summer heat. Now, I just can't wait for the rainy season. I sure hope my baby is feeling cool inside my tummy.

Care to share your summer survival tips, rookie mom?

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and Pregnant

Baby Care Basics Seminar by Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center

April 2, 2015

Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center is inviting all the rookie mommies to attend their FREE Baby Care Basics seminar on the following dates mentioned above!

Secure your slot by calling Mr. Joshua Sagarbarria of CHMC Marketing at (02) 930-0000.

See you there!

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and Pregnant