To Drink or Not to Drink Milk During Your Pregnancy?

March 12, 2015
The truth is, it is not required for you to drink milk during your pregnancy. Surprised?
Many soon-to-be moms drinks about one to two glasses of milk everyday for the entire duration of their pregnancy. I, for one is one of those moms. I am a milk drinker myself while growing-up but I stopped loving milk when I got older and only learned to love them again when I got pregnant.

“Do I have to drink milk for pregnant women? I heard it tastes awful!” – This is what I said when I went for my first pre-natal check-up with my OBGYN. My doctor smiled and told me that it’s not required.

Then I wondered, I thought it is? Lahat na ata ng kilala ko na mommy umiinom ng Anmun

She then clearly explained to me that most moms drink milk because they think they will deprive their baby from the milk’s nutrients. The truth is, milk only acts as a food supplement while you are pregnant. It does not matter whether you are drinking fresh milk or a special milk catered for pregnant women.

Whew! What a relief, I don’t have to go through the awful moment of chugging two glasses of milk everyday – at least that’s what I thought…

After my first trimester, we decided to change OB and move to much closer hospital, that way, we save more time commuting and if there will be emergencies then the hospital is just a jump away. So, I met-up with my new OB at around 14 weeks; she’s really lovely, caring, beautiful, – and clean. I did the usual routine of interview, having my blood pressure taken, and getting my weight on track – that is when the doctor asked me if I was drinking milk. I said no, of course. I told her that my previous OB did not require me to drink milk during my first trimester. She then explained to me that it is not really required to drink milk, however, in my case, I have to. Duhn! Duhn! Duhn! 

The problem is I am too thin. I am only 47 kilos at 4 months and I am not gaining any weight. She said, drinking milk will help me gain more weight. But I have to drink moderately because milk has a lot of sugar which equals to getting diabetes, which is pretty common when you are pregnant – and no one wants that.

I and my partner decided to swing by the supermarket to buy a box of Anumun Materna Vanilla and when we got home he immediately made me a glass of milk. 

I dreaded this moment!

I smelled the milk, tasted it and it is really good! It’s not so bad just like what everyone I know is telling me about. It tasted just like ordinary milk that I am used too. I chugged the glass and smiled to my partner, “I liked it!”

When it is time for me to go back to my OBGYN for my monthly check-up, she was surprised to know that my weight went up from 47 kilos to 50 kilos. Wow! She then told me “I told you, milk helps!” and I chuckled. She then advised me to slow it down a little because the usual weight increase should only be at 1 kilo a month. Yikes! “No one wants to undergo a hard labor because the baby is big.” – she reminded me.

So there you go, it is okay to drink or not to drink milk while you are pregnant. Just make sure you consulted it to your doctor and ask for her advice.

I am loving my Anmum and I’m glad I am drinking milk because as weird as it sounds, I feel much healthier and closer to my baby. What's more fun with Anmum is that they have a community of mom milk lovers where you can chat with other moms - which is a great way if you have questions about the milk.

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