Pregnancy Must-Haves: My Baby's Beat Fetal Doppler App Review

March 13, 2015
Waiting for your monthly check-up just to hear your baby's heartbeat can be a pain in the ass, and in mind too!

I remember when I was stressing about my doctor not hearing my baby's heartbeat with her fetal doppler at 12 weeks. It was very disappointing! I don't know what to do and I am so worried if my baby is doing okay or not inside my belly that I even considered buying my own fetal doppler just to ease my mind. Fortunately I did not, it is pretty expensive. Most fetal dopplers similar to that of an OBGYN costs around P5,000 and above.

So, I tried searching around the internet if there are some legitimate iOS application that can transform your phone into a fetal doppler. Thank Google for always having the answer to everything! I stumbled upon this application called My Baby's Beat:

My Baby's Beat is an application that only runs in iOS devices that can transform your phone or iPad into a fetal doppler. The app's success rate is higher when it is used between 30 - 40 weeks of pregnancy.

I was just on my 12 week period at that time so I wasn't really able to pick-up a heartbeat other than my own. To prove if the application is fake or not, I tried poking my cat with my phone and it worked! My cat's heartbeat was a bit slow since she was sleeping, I also tried it on myself and with my sisters and it does work well with all of us.

Now that I am in my 22 week of pregnancy, I can always feel my baby move and its movements reassure me that the baby is safe and sound inside the belly. However, there are times of the day that I will not feel the baby move and it will just set my stress to another level higher.

I turned on the My Baby Beats application and started poking my belly, carefully positioning it where I feel the baby move most of the time. To my surprise, the doppler app picked-up my baby's heartbeat in an instant! The sound was fast and loud and I know that it is the baby because it sounded similar to the ones I heard before during my monthly check-up at 16th and 20th week, I then moved the doppler to my chest and heard how different my heartbeat was from the sound that I heard earlier. Luckily, I was able to hit the record button on both readings so that I can go back and compare the beats.

Here are my recordings:

My Baby's Heartbeat at 22 weeks:
My Heartbeat:

I felt really good and happy that I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat using the app! No more worry days for me!

You can purchase and download the application at $4.99 from the following sources:
Apple store:

My Baby's Beat instruction video:

Have fun listening to your baby's heartbeat and don't forget your recordings!

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  1. Technology has gone so advance. I mean just look back a few years ago, who would have thought it is possible to hear your baby's heart beat through just a single app in your smart phone? With such fast pace in technological advancement, they are definitely going to find a way to start life at Mars

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