Looking Forward to My Congenital Anomaly Scan and Gender Scan

March 25, 2015

As a Rookie Mommy, I am literally counting down the days to my next ultrasound appointment because, guess what, I get to spend more time with baby while I look up at him/her on the ultrasound monitor and I will finally know if my little one is a boy or a girl! Please be a boy! Oh, please be a boy! 

Finding out the gender of the baby may seem not important to some mothers-to-be but it is definitely important to me! 

Knowing my baby's gender will help me to easily decide on the following:
  1. Baby Names - I and my partner did browsed through hundreds of baby names from baby books to internet. We even tried those baby name generators but I nothing really nice came up. We wanted the baby's name short and simple, the name should start with an "Ar" because both of our name starts with an "Ar", so we decided to go with these two: 
  2. Preparing for the Baby Shower - Okay, in my opinion, you have to know what your baby's gender is before you actually go planning your baby shower, or if you are planning for a friend. It will do a great help to all the guests to know if it is a he or she when it comes down to purchasing the baby shower gifts. And I'm having one so I need to know!
  3. Buying gender specific items - This is probably not as important as it is, but come on, would you let your baby boy wear something pink? or yellow perhaps? No? I thought so.
  4. Announcing it to your family and friends - and this one includes the "I told you so!" rights. Especially if you're like me, who has relatives who always insists that I am having a girl from the day I announced that I am pregnant. Don't mind me here repeatedly saying my mantra, Be a boy, Be a boy, oh, please be a boy!
  5. It's fun! - you can't hide the excitement of knowing what you will have whether it is a boy or a girl. Either way, it is your child and you're going to love him/her no matter what happens.
As for my Congenital Anomaly Scan, I still don't know what to expect but I am hoping that everything is well with my baby, I also hope that my placenta already migrated upward and that the baby is no longer in breech position. 

I still have 3 months to go and I am breezing through my second trimester well. I can't wait to share with you my ultrasound results soon! 

Rookie Mommy Ph - I'm 24 and Pregnant

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