Huggies is Giving Away Free Samples of Huggies Dry Pants!

March 18, 2015

Yesterday, I was busy unloading my groceries when someone pressed our doorbell and I hurriedly ran to our gate.

"LBC po!" said the delivery guy,

I got confused and wondered who could have sent me a package. 

"Kanino po galing?" I asked the deliver guy.
"From Kimberly Clark Phils, po"
"Who's Kimberly Clark?!" I asked again.

He showed me the receipt and there I saw my name, I immediately opened the package and was surprised to see what is inside.


Yippeee! But wait, how did I get one? I don't remember signing-up for anything...

I visited Huggies Ph Facebook Page and saw their post about giving away free sample packs of Huggies Dry Pants. I then remembered that I once clicked on it but I was not able to finish filling-out the required fields because I needed to enter information about my little one, which is by the way still inside my tummy

That could have been the reason why I got one? or someone must have registered for me? Whatever it is, Thank you, Huggies Ph for sending me a pack of your new product. 

Huggies Dry Pants has an all-around stretchable waistband which I believe makes it easier for mom to change diapers of their active little ones, Easy-Palit! It has 100% breathable  outer cover that allows air to escape up to 10x faster so that baby's skin stays dry. It also has a quick dry layer that pulls fluid away from the baby's delicate skin.

To be honest, as a rookie mommy, I don't know anything about diapers and even choosing the right one for my little one. Huggies is definitely at the top of my mind. I will put up a review about Huggies Dry Pants soon, and I just can't wait!

If you want a free sample for your active little ones too, you may visit the following links below:

Huggies PH Facebook Page:

Huggies PH "Free Sample Giveaway Link":

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Rookie Mommy Ph - I'm 24 and pregnant
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