EQ Diaper Expecting Promo for Soon-To-Be Rookie Mommies!

March 20, 2015

Expecting soon?

EQ Diaper is without a doubt will fall under a soon-to-be mom's list of diapers to try for their little ones. Well, guess what, you can get yourself a FREE sampler kit!

Join EQ Diaper's Expecting Promo for soon-to-be-rookie mommies by simply following the steps below:

2. Look for the poster above or simply visit their website at www.eqdiapers.com.ph
3. Click on Promos Tab and sign-up for EQ Diaper Expecting Promo

After you sign-up, you will be redirected to a page with the full mechanics and details of how you can get your free sampler kits, delivered right at your doorstep.

Want to know what's inside? Here's mine:

EQ Diaper Expecting Promo Sampler Kit

EQ Diaper Expecting Promo Sampler Kit

EQ Dry Disposable Diaper for Newborn

Nursy Baby Wipes

2pcs. Caress Maternity Pads

EQ Diaper Baby Journal

EQ Diaper Expecting Promo is only here for a limited time, so hurry and get yourself a sampler kit today!

EQ Diaper Website: www.eqdiapers.com.ph
EQ Diaper Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EQDiapers

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and Pregnant

7 comments on "EQ Diaper Expecting Promo for Soon-To-Be Rookie Mommies!"
  1. Im waiting for so long .until now my sample kit didnt came.

  2. Im waiting for so long .until now my sample kit didnt came.

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