Baby Must-Haves: OBI Baby: 100% Cotton & Fun!

March 5, 2015
A few days after purchasing my soon to be baby’s first baby clothes from St. Patrick Clothing, I happily reached out to their Facebook page to tell them how much I love St. Patrick and how I wish they put more of their collection at SM Fairview branch. They responded with a very positive note and mentioned their sister brand, OBI Baby, which is also made from the same materials as St. Patrick’s. Yay!

I have been seeing this brand whenever I visit The Baby Company and I just love how vibrant and exciting their colors are!

And did I mention how yummy they all look? Reminds me of Skittles!

Anyone who’s my friend simply knows how much I adore little cute characters and this what makes OBI Baby fun and unique. I mean, seriously, who can resist these little monsters?

Each OBI Baby Monster represent the brand's different color hues and personality.

Knowing that the product is eco-friendly and 100% cotton, and knowing how much I’m turning into this nature-organic-lover soon to be mom, I then decided that I should get a set whenever I get a chance to visit the store again. Fortunately, I have a few errands to do and I was able to swing by The Baby Company to get myself a set in Coffee Brown. Because I just can't help but to imagine my little one crawling like a little teddy bear! 

Colors might appear different from my camera's light settings

Colors might appear different from my camera's light settings

1 piece Tie-Side Shirt Short Sleeves with Pajama at 299.75

1 piece Beanie and 1 pair of Mitten at 149.75

Some moms may find this a bit expensive when buying in malls so here’s a suggestion,  I found out that both OBI Baby and St. Patrick Baby sells their products on their website and they are much affordable than the mall price. Another yay! You can also reach out to their Facebook page and ask their admin for your orders and they will surely help you out with your online purchase.

If you are still hesitant to purchase online, then I recommend that you check out the actual product in malls to see their colors, available sizes and also to compare its texture and softness versus other brands.

Visit their website:

I can’t wait to find out my baby’s gender so I can start hoarding products from St. Patrick and OBI Baby!

*This blog post is not paid advertisement.

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  1. Parents must take care of their babies and its a must to buy them baby clothes and goods.

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