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My Super Mom Loot From Lazada's 3rd Birthday Celebration!

March 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lazada!

Are you a Lazada Super Mom too? If you are, then don't miss Lazada's Birthday treat for you!

I have always been hesitant to make a purchase in Lazada because of some bad feedback that I have heard in the past. However, I could not resist not to take advantage of the on-going promotion of Lazada and I can always opt to choose "Cash On Delivery" as my payment option. And so I did!

I was impressed by how convenient and fast they are from the moment I placed an order up to the moment they delivered my items straight to my door step. It only took less than 24-hours for them to complete the whole process!

The package is carefully wrapped and delivered by Lazada Express

So what did I get for myself and for my soon to be little one?

"No diaper is good unless the babies try it for themselves." - the famous line of all the moms I have ever asked when it comes down to buying diapers. So, ever since I started getting free samples from different brands of diapers, I have always been curious of the famous Japan diaper brand - Mamy Poko, this is without a doubt always a topic in all the mom forums that I have been too. So, I got myself a few packs so I can also try it once the little one is born. 

MamyPoko Power Slim Small Diaper Pack of 2 (28pcs each pack)
with FREE Medium Easy to Wear Diaper Pack (20pcs)
Original Price: P600+ (malls)
Lazada Sale: P250.00

Fisher-Price Digital Thermometer
Original Price: P250.00
Lazada Sale: P150.00

I tried this on myself and it works really well!

Fisher-Price Washable Nursing Pads, Set of 6
Original Price: P300.00
Lazada Sale: P150.00

If you're thinking of buying the same items above, you can just click through the photos and it will redirect you the actual item for sale in Lazada.

Happy shopping, Rookie Mommy!

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and Pregnant

Looking Forward to My Congenital Anomaly Scan and Gender Scan

As a Rookie Mommy, I am literally counting down the days to my next ultrasound appointment because, guess what, I get to spend more time with baby while I look up at him/her on the ultrasound monitor and I will finally know if my little one is a boy or a girl! Please be a boy! Oh, please be a boy! 

Finding out the gender of the baby may seem not important to some mothers-to-be but it is definitely important to me! 

Knowing my baby's gender will help me to easily decide on the following:
  1. Baby Names - I and my partner did browsed through hundreds of baby names from baby books to internet. We even tried those baby name generators but I nothing really nice came up. We wanted the baby's name short and simple, the name should start with an "Ar" because both of our name starts with an "Ar", so we decided to go with these two: 
  2. Preparing for the Baby Shower - Okay, in my opinion, you have to know what your baby's gender is before you actually go planning your baby shower, or if you are planning for a friend. It will do a great help to all the guests to know if it is a he or she when it comes down to purchasing the baby shower gifts. And I'm having one so I need to know!
  3. Buying gender specific items - This is probably not as important as it is, but come on, would you let your baby boy wear something pink? or yellow perhaps? No? I thought so.
  4. Announcing it to your family and friends - and this one includes the "I told you so!" rights. Especially if you're like me, who has relatives who always insists that I am having a girl from the day I announced that I am pregnant. Don't mind me here repeatedly saying my mantra, Be a boy, Be a boy, oh, please be a boy!
  5. It's fun! - you can't hide the excitement of knowing what you will have whether it is a boy or a girl. Either way, it is your child and you're going to love him/her no matter what happens.
As for my Congenital Anomaly Scan, I still don't know what to expect but I am hoping that everything is well with my baby, I also hope that my placenta already migrated upward and that the baby is no longer in breech position. 

I still have 3 months to go and I am breezing through my second trimester well. I can't wait to share with you my ultrasound results soon! 

Rookie Mommy Ph - I'm 24 and Pregnant

EQ Diaper Expecting Promo for Soon-To-Be Rookie Mommies!

March 20, 2015

Expecting soon?

EQ Diaper is without a doubt will fall under a soon-to-be mom's list of diapers to try for their little ones. Well, guess what, you can get yourself a FREE sampler kit!

Join EQ Diaper's Expecting Promo for soon-to-be-rookie mommies by simply following the steps below:

2. Look for the poster above or simply visit their website at
3. Click on Promos Tab and sign-up for EQ Diaper Expecting Promo

After you sign-up, you will be redirected to a page with the full mechanics and details of how you can get your free sampler kits, delivered right at your doorstep.

Want to know what's inside? Here's mine:

EQ Diaper Expecting Promo Sampler Kit

EQ Diaper Expecting Promo Sampler Kit

EQ Dry Disposable Diaper for Newborn

Nursy Baby Wipes

2pcs. Caress Maternity Pads

EQ Diaper Baby Journal

EQ Diaper Expecting Promo is only here for a limited time, so hurry and get yourself a sampler kit today!

EQ Diaper Website:
EQ Diaper Facebook Page:

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and Pregnant

Huggies is Giving Away Free Samples of Huggies Dry Pants!

March 18, 2015

Yesterday, I was busy unloading my groceries when someone pressed our doorbell and I hurriedly ran to our gate.

"LBC po!" said the delivery guy,

I got confused and wondered who could have sent me a package. 

"Kanino po galing?" I asked the deliver guy.
"From Kimberly Clark Phils, po"
"Who's Kimberly Clark?!" I asked again.

He showed me the receipt and there I saw my name, I immediately opened the package and was surprised to see what is inside.


Yippeee! But wait, how did I get one? I don't remember signing-up for anything...

I visited Huggies Ph Facebook Page and saw their post about giving away free sample packs of Huggies Dry Pants. I then remembered that I once clicked on it but I was not able to finish filling-out the required fields because I needed to enter information about my little one, which is by the way still inside my tummy

That could have been the reason why I got one? or someone must have registered for me? Whatever it is, Thank you, Huggies Ph for sending me a pack of your new product. 

Huggies Dry Pants has an all-around stretchable waistband which I believe makes it easier for mom to change diapers of their active little ones, Easy-Palit! It has 100% breathable  outer cover that allows air to escape up to 10x faster so that baby's skin stays dry. It also has a quick dry layer that pulls fluid away from the baby's delicate skin.

To be honest, as a rookie mommy, I don't know anything about diapers and even choosing the right one for my little one. Huggies is definitely at the top of my mind. I will put up a review about Huggies Dry Pants soon, and I just can't wait!

If you want a free sample for your active little ones too, you may visit the following links below:

Huggies PH Facebook Page:

Huggies PH "Free Sample Giveaway Link":

*This blog post is not paid advertisement.

Rookie Mommy Ph - I'm 24 and pregnant

Pregnancy Must-Haves: My Baby's Beat Fetal Doppler App Review

March 13, 2015
Waiting for your monthly check-up just to hear your baby's heartbeat can be a pain in the ass, and in mind too!

I remember when I was stressing about my doctor not hearing my baby's heartbeat with her fetal doppler at 12 weeks. It was very disappointing! I don't know what to do and I am so worried if my baby is doing okay or not inside my belly that I even considered buying my own fetal doppler just to ease my mind. Fortunately I did not, it is pretty expensive. Most fetal dopplers similar to that of an OBGYN costs around P5,000 and above.

So, I tried searching around the internet if there are some legitimate iOS application that can transform your phone into a fetal doppler. Thank Google for always having the answer to everything! I stumbled upon this application called My Baby's Beat:

My Baby's Beat is an application that only runs in iOS devices that can transform your phone or iPad into a fetal doppler. The app's success rate is higher when it is used between 30 - 40 weeks of pregnancy.

I was just on my 12 week period at that time so I wasn't really able to pick-up a heartbeat other than my own. To prove if the application is fake or not, I tried poking my cat with my phone and it worked! My cat's heartbeat was a bit slow since she was sleeping, I also tried it on myself and with my sisters and it does work well with all of us.

Now that I am in my 22 week of pregnancy, I can always feel my baby move and its movements reassure me that the baby is safe and sound inside the belly. However, there are times of the day that I will not feel the baby move and it will just set my stress to another level higher.

I turned on the My Baby Beats application and started poking my belly, carefully positioning it where I feel the baby move most of the time. To my surprise, the doppler app picked-up my baby's heartbeat in an instant! The sound was fast and loud and I know that it is the baby because it sounded similar to the ones I heard before during my monthly check-up at 16th and 20th week, I then moved the doppler to my chest and heard how different my heartbeat was from the sound that I heard earlier. Luckily, I was able to hit the record button on both readings so that I can go back and compare the beats.

Here are my recordings:

My Baby's Heartbeat at 22 weeks:
My Heartbeat:

I felt really good and happy that I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat using the app! No more worry days for me!

You can purchase and download the application at $4.99 from the following sources:
Apple store:

My Baby's Beat instruction video:

Have fun listening to your baby's heartbeat and don't forget your recordings!

Rookie Mommy Ph - I'm 24 and pregnant

To Drink or Not to Drink Milk During Your Pregnancy?

March 12, 2015
The truth is, it is not required for you to drink milk during your pregnancy. Surprised?
Many soon-to-be moms drinks about one to two glasses of milk everyday for the entire duration of their pregnancy. I, for one is one of those moms. I am a milk drinker myself while growing-up but I stopped loving milk when I got older and only learned to love them again when I got pregnant.

“Do I have to drink milk for pregnant women? I heard it tastes awful!” – This is what I said when I went for my first pre-natal check-up with my OBGYN. My doctor smiled and told me that it’s not required.

Then I wondered, I thought it is? Lahat na ata ng kilala ko na mommy umiinom ng Anmun

She then clearly explained to me that most moms drink milk because they think they will deprive their baby from the milk’s nutrients. The truth is, milk only acts as a food supplement while you are pregnant. It does not matter whether you are drinking fresh milk or a special milk catered for pregnant women.

Whew! What a relief, I don’t have to go through the awful moment of chugging two glasses of milk everyday – at least that’s what I thought…

After my first trimester, we decided to change OB and move to much closer hospital, that way, we save more time commuting and if there will be emergencies then the hospital is just a jump away. So, I met-up with my new OB at around 14 weeks; she’s really lovely, caring, beautiful, – and clean. I did the usual routine of interview, having my blood pressure taken, and getting my weight on track – that is when the doctor asked me if I was drinking milk. I said no, of course. I told her that my previous OB did not require me to drink milk during my first trimester. She then explained to me that it is not really required to drink milk, however, in my case, I have to. Duhn! Duhn! Duhn! 

The problem is I am too thin. I am only 47 kilos at 4 months and I am not gaining any weight. She said, drinking milk will help me gain more weight. But I have to drink moderately because milk has a lot of sugar which equals to getting diabetes, which is pretty common when you are pregnant – and no one wants that.

I and my partner decided to swing by the supermarket to buy a box of Anumun Materna Vanilla and when we got home he immediately made me a glass of milk. 

I dreaded this moment!

I smelled the milk, tasted it and it is really good! It’s not so bad just like what everyone I know is telling me about. It tasted just like ordinary milk that I am used too. I chugged the glass and smiled to my partner, “I liked it!”

When it is time for me to go back to my OBGYN for my monthly check-up, she was surprised to know that my weight went up from 47 kilos to 50 kilos. Wow! She then told me “I told you, milk helps!” and I chuckled. She then advised me to slow it down a little because the usual weight increase should only be at 1 kilo a month. Yikes! “No one wants to undergo a hard labor because the baby is big.” – she reminded me.

So there you go, it is okay to drink or not to drink milk while you are pregnant. Just make sure you consulted it to your doctor and ask for her advice.

I am loving my Anmum and I’m glad I am drinking milk because as weird as it sounds, I feel much healthier and closer to my baby. What's more fun with Anmum is that they have a community of mom milk lovers where you can chat with other moms - which is a great way if you have questions about the milk.

Join fellow moms here at Anmum Mommy Circle:

*This blog post is not paid advertisement.

Rookie Mommy Ph - I am 24 and pregnant

Mommy Mundo: Top Mom Picks Expo 2015

March 7, 2015

Mommy Mundo is inviting you again for another fun and exciting event this 2015!

Sign-up for Mommy Mundo's Top Mom Picks Expo and have fun choosing products from Manila's best mom-approved products for you and for your little ones this 2015.

The event will be held on March 14, 2015 from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm at The Rockwell Tent, Makati City. 

Mommy Mundo Top Mom Picks Expo Facebook Event Page:

Mommy Mundo Facebook Page:


See you there, mommies!

Baby Must-Haves: OBI Baby: 100% Cotton & Fun!

March 5, 2015
A few days after purchasing my soon to be baby’s first baby clothes from St. Patrick Clothing, I happily reached out to their Facebook page to tell them how much I love St. Patrick and how I wish they put more of their collection at SM Fairview branch. They responded with a very positive note and mentioned their sister brand, OBI Baby, which is also made from the same materials as St. Patrick’s. Yay!

I have been seeing this brand whenever I visit The Baby Company and I just love how vibrant and exciting their colors are!

And did I mention how yummy they all look? Reminds me of Skittles!

Anyone who’s my friend simply knows how much I adore little cute characters and this what makes OBI Baby fun and unique. I mean, seriously, who can resist these little monsters?

Each OBI Baby Monster represent the brand's different color hues and personality.

Knowing that the product is eco-friendly and 100% cotton, and knowing how much I’m turning into this nature-organic-lover soon to be mom, I then decided that I should get a set whenever I get a chance to visit the store again. Fortunately, I have a few errands to do and I was able to swing by The Baby Company to get myself a set in Coffee Brown. Because I just can't help but to imagine my little one crawling like a little teddy bear! 

Colors might appear different from my camera's light settings

Colors might appear different from my camera's light settings

1 piece Tie-Side Shirt Short Sleeves with Pajama at 299.75

1 piece Beanie and 1 pair of Mitten at 149.75

Some moms may find this a bit expensive when buying in malls so here’s a suggestion,  I found out that both OBI Baby and St. Patrick Baby sells their products on their website and they are much affordable than the mall price. Another yay! You can also reach out to their Facebook page and ask their admin for your orders and they will surely help you out with your online purchase.

If you are still hesitant to purchase online, then I recommend that you check out the actual product in malls to see their colors, available sizes and also to compare its texture and softness versus other brands.

Visit their website:

I can’t wait to find out my baby’s gender so I can start hoarding products from St. Patrick and OBI Baby!

*This blog post is not paid advertisement.

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and pregnant