Baby Must-Haves: St.Patrick Baby: 100% Organic Cotton

February 28, 2015
Who would ever think that 100% Organic Cotton will make a big difference in the world when choosing baby clothes? Well, at least for me and my partner.

Before I got pregnant and whenever I feel like shopping for myself, I never really cared whether the clothing I’m fitting or buying is cotton, polyester, or whatever kind of material it is made of.  I only cared when we’re talking about buying undergarments. When I got pregnant, I became more aware of what I put to my body, and by that I mean for the likes of lotions, oils, shampoo, soap, etc. Because, as every expert says “Whatever it is you put into your skin, the baby absorbs”. So, I opted to switch to more organic product. The less chemical, the better.

I did not know such thing also exists when choosing clothes for my little one until I came across this brand.

Yesterday, after I went in for my monthly check-up, me and my partner decided to swing by SM Fairview because they are having this massive 3- Day Sale event. We wanted to take advantage of the baby items even though we are still far from seeing our baby. We immediately went to SM Department Store and was surprised to see as early as 10am, people were already lined-up to the cashier with their shopping carts full (yung parang dinaig pa ang pila sa MRT pag bibili ka ng ticket), we were even surprised when a lot of pregnant women showed up carrying loads of baby clothes on their left arm and diapers on their right. We realized that we will not be able to shop smoothly with the crowd like this. But how can I resist not buying anything for my baby? I mean, the tiny new born clothes, mittens, bibs, socks are just too cute to let go!

We got tired shielding ourselves from the crowd and we eventually left the department store empty handed. My partner then suggested we just go to The Baby Company and see if we can find anything we like. Lo and behold! The store is safe from monstrosity! We immediately went inside and we’re politely greeted and accompanied by the sales lady.
We started looking around in their new born clothing section and found ourselves looking at popular brands amongst mothers like Carters, Enfant, Chicco, etc. However, one brand in particular caught our attention. It is separated from other clothing brands and placed right in front of the entrance of the store.

The brand is called St. Patrick Baby and the labels says it is made from 100% Organic Cotton

I did not know such kind of fabric exists!

I went back to the popular brands to check what kind of material they are made of and most of them are cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester. I compared their texture and find this brand softer, smoother, and somewhat safer (or OA lang ako). That’s when it hit me, no; I think my maternal hormones hit me. That this clothing that I’m holding might probably be the best for my new born. Knowing how sensitive babies’ skin can be, also to add to that, I and my partner were also born with sensitive skin. And since we are an advocate of all things organic, we wanted to pass this on to our child as soon as he/she enters the world.

We did not hesitate to purchase a set for my little one’s going home gear:

2 pieces tie-side short sleeve shirt for new born at P349.75

Look at that tiny Chick! Such a cutie.

1 beanie, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of mittens (sold as set) at P329.75

The socks are padded with something soft and fluffy. I can't really describe it but I prefer it more than other socks I touched because this one has an added layer of softness and fluffiness.

1 receiving hooded blanket at P549.75

This blanket is so soft, I want it for myself!

It was a little bit pricey but still reasonable and since I am a Mom Card holder and there is a sale going on, I was entitled to get 20% off on every item. To compare prices, I still find this cheaper compared to popular brands that is made from your usual clothing material. 

We would have shopped for more if only we knew the baby’s gender and if only they have more selection at SM Fairview. I researched the brand more when I got home and found great reviews from moms and I found out that they have a retail store at SM Makati. I told my partner that we need to visit the store as soon as we found out the gender so we can get more clothes for my little one.

I guess, I learned that I just can’t grab anything on the shelf (even if it has the cutest design and carry the most popular brand name) without really looking into how and what the product is made from, knowing that it might not or might harm my baby, and I will always choose to give my little one the best yet practical things he/she will ever need.

Visit their website:

St.Patrick Baby Clothing will definitely be part of my gift registry for my baby shower and 
I just can’t wait to find out if I’m having a boy or a girl! But, definitely rooting for a boy.

*This blog post is not paid advertisement.

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