The First Glance: Our First Ultrasound

January 16, 2015
I never thought that I will feel so much joy, love, and excitement altogether by just seeing the tiny human wiggling inside me.

They say that the first ultrasound will always be the one that will make you so emotional.

Me and my partner went to FEU Hospital: Women's Health Unit to have our first Transviginal Ultrasound as requested by our OB-Gyne during my 9th week of pregnancy. 
I was scared and afraid of what the tiny human might look like. 

Was it healthy or not? Does it already have its heartbeat? How big is it? 
I have so many random question running on my mind as I put on the lab gown and position myself to the bed. I was being talkative to the attending nurse as she helped me put up my legs properly. (Seriously tho, nakakangalay siya) I was already distracted by two other person in the room who are said to be a probationary nurse. The doctor came and she told me to relax and showed me a probe that will be inserted to me so they can view the tiny human inside. I got more scared as I thought she will insert the entire thing! It was about the size of the ruler and I just can't imagine how painful it might be. They laughed and told me that only 2 inches of the probe will be inserted, and that's when I calmed down.

She inserted the probe and it didn't hurt but it was really uncomfortable. My partner was inside the room and they were all looking at the monitor. I remember the doctor telling me that I should have emptied my bladder because they can see my pee. Haha! My partner kept on asking where the baby is as the doctor move the probe inside me. Suddenly he became excited as he saw the tiny human. The probationaries were also smiling as the nurse tells them how clear the monitor was. 

I became excited too told them I wanted to see it! The doctor told me that she will just take some measurements and pictures for printing. After a few minutes she flips the monitor to my direction and there it was, the tiny human is wiggling its tiny hands and feet! I seriously can't stop smiling! I didn't knew that it was in its baby form already.

The doctor showed me the cord, the embryo, the sack and everything else inside my tummy but I just focused my eyes on the tiny human. I wish I could touch it. It was really tiny! 
The doctor pulled out the probe and we waited for the results and the printout of the photos.

The feeling was so overwhelming! I can't wait for my next ultrasound.

FEU Hospital: Women's Health Unit
Transviginal Ultrasound: P1,500
Tip: You may want to be there as early as you can because there will be a lot of people lining up to have the ultrasound.
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