Pregnancy Must-Haves: Snug-A-Hug Maternity Pillow

January 12, 2015
One thing every pregnant woman knows is that you will be getting less of Zzz's as you go along with your pregnancy.

I don't know if it is the changing hormones, the urge to pee almost all the time (as in all-the-time!), or the growing bump that made me wide awake at night when I was about to hit the end of the first trimester.

Before I got pregnant, I'd hit the bed and be dreaming about zombies by 10PM and will be wide awake at around 9AM the next day. Now, I am on my 13 week pregnancy and I'd hit the bed as early as 9PM, fall asleep at around 11:30PM, wake-up at around 12AM to pee, go back to bed - sleep and wake-up again at 2AM to pee, go back to bed - sleep and wake-up again at 4AM with aching back and of course, to pee, I will go back to bed and wait for about 30 minutes to an hour before I fall back to sleep and then finally wide awake at around 7:30AM. Whew! That was a LOT of peeing!

As I progress through my pregnancy, I noticed every night that I'm not getting comfortable with the way I sleep or position myself to sleep. I'm a hugger so I have a lot of pillow on my bed. But, I felt like some of my pillows are too soft or too squishy to support my neck or my back. I was able to mentioned this to one of my best friends and she told me to get myself a U-Pillow. So, I Googled U-Pillow and found a lot of them available online especially on Instagram and Sulit/ They are a huge U-shaped pillow that supposedly supports your entire body and your growing bump while you are pregnant. It is really huge and expensive too! 

I tried searching for other kinds of maternity pillow that is easily available in the Philippines and that's when I stumbled upon the Snug-A-Hug pillow website. Unlike the popular U-Pillow, the Snug-A-Hug pillow is a C-shaped pillow that will also support your whole body and much much more. The pillow is designed to be used by pregnant women, nursing moms, post-op moms, and of course you can use it as an everyday pillow! Another best thing about this product is that it is made by a Filipina entrepreneur, o diba, love your own!

I saw a lot of good reviews and blog posts about the product so I didn't hesitate to order one. I contacted the owner, Minnie Ocampo - Jumaquio and I chose to have it delivered and paid via cash on delivery at my house. She was very nice and we had a smooth transaction.

I got my Snug-A-Hug Pillow in less than 24-hours! Talk about good service!

A Snug-A-Hug Pillow Set comes with the following:

  1. Snug-A-Hug Pillow
  2. Snug-A-Hug Manual
  3. Plain Pillow Cover - Color of your choice
  4. 1 Dust Bag
  5. 1 Carry On Bag

They were having a new year promo so I also got 1 free cute baby bag! Yay!

I immediately put on the cover and tossed it on my bed. I snuggled up and felt completely comfortable. I am used to sleeping on my back and they say that when you are pregnant, you are supposed to be sleeping on your side to prevent a certain vein from functioning. Snug-A-Hug pillow helped me sleep on my side; my back is completely supported as well as my neck. It is a perfect one whole body pillow. I experimented with a lot of sleeping position with the pillow and find it really easy to use.

I'm on my 5th night of using it and so far so good! I've been waking up less at night at getting more Zzzzzs. No more back and neck pains. So, if you're having the same problem like I am or you just want to grab a maternity pillow, do visit their website at

Here's a photo on my Snug-A-Hug pillow:

Snug-A-Hug Pillow with Gray Hanes Cover

Let me know if you got one too or if you are using a different maternity pillow! 

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and pregnant

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  2. When I was pregnant, these truly extensive pregnancy pads were simply going ahead the business sector and were spendy. Rather, I laid down with a standard body cushion which was between my knees and under my paunch, two normal pads in the face of my good faith and two pads under my head. The medical caretaker at my specialist’s office teased me toward the end that I was all the while permitting my spouse in bed, on the grounds that there truly wasn’t much room. Read more about pregnancy pillows

  3. I know every women want sleep safely in pregnancy and also sleep comfortable and this article introduce new pillow and its designee really nice and also comfortable product thanks for share it pregnancy pillow .

    1. It really is super comfy. :) It's just that I dont use now as often because the baby took over the whole bed. hehe

  4. I did bought a pillow like that and it was soooooo very comfy! I call it my mommy pillow. Hahaha! I remember having a hard time sleeping during my pregnancy due to acid reflux. I searched for some relief. My OB advised me to eat small portion of meals. If you want more tips, you can check this site:

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  8. Looks like another good pregnancy pillow. This one is a U-shaped pillow by the way.
    I wonder if it will provide the same comfort.

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  10. Several days since I started using this pregnancy pillow, I can really say it helped me sleep comfortably. Sleeping on my side is not a struggle anymore because the pillow has supported properly my neck and back.

  11. It's really such a unique pillow. I love this maternity pillow. A pregnancy pillow is an important because it’s beneficial to a pregnant mother’s comfort, rest and health. I love this post.

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  13. You wrote the right thing.Pregnancy pillow is the best friend of a pregnant woman. When I was pregnant, I also used U shaped pregnancy pillow. Nice post!

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