Looking for My Birthing Hospital and OB-Gyne

January 16, 2015
Looking for your birthing hospital and OB-Gyne should be on top of your priority list and everything will sure to follow. When I found out that I was pregnant I know I need to get my first pre-natal check-up.

I live in Fairview, Quezon City so there are three hospitals that we can check-out:

  1. Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center - a new hospital beside SM Fairview
  2. Bernardino General Hospital - a general hospital beside North Olympus, Zabarte
  3. FEU Hospital

Me and my partner both wanted to check-out Fairview Commonwealth Hospital because it is new and my aunt just gave birth to her first child in this hospital. However, my partner's father suggested we consider FEU Hospital first because it is already a trusted hospital and we are sure that they can handle any case of emergency during labor time. He also referred us to an OB-gyne that he knew, so there! problem solved! We have an hospital and an OB - NOT!

We had a few problems with FEU Hospital when I went there during my first trimester:

  1. My OB is not as accommodating as I thought she would be. It is important for me to feel comfortable with her but I just didn't feel at ease with her.
  2. Interns were the ones who draw blood from my arm when I had my blood tests done and I didn't like it. My vein popped and I can really see that she was moving and inserting the needle with a vial the wrong way. Good thing another nurse stepped in which I would like to believe that really knows what she's doing. She used a syringe this time with my other arm and it made everything else easier. I had to fill-up more than 5 vials for the tests.
  3. FEU Hospital is overly expensive. We decided to ask a quote for a normal birthing cost and our OB told us to prepare P80,000 - P100,000 for an NSD and much more with a CS pregnancy. I was really shocked. Her quote for the NSD covers only me with all the basic things excluding the baby and hospital stay - in the ward!. (Here I thought, FEU will be much more affordable)

Hearing the quoatation ended my interest with giving birth at FEU Hospital. I just think it's too much.

I asked my aunt who gave birth at Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center how much she spent she told me that because she knows most of the people who helped her gave birth from back when she was still working in the Philippines that she only paid P20,000 all-in. Kaloka! Then I asked another aunt of mine who is having a very difficult pregnancy right now that her OB (hospital not included on the list above) only quoted P60,000 for NSD all-in. They told me that the price will always depend on your OB because of their professional fee.

That was it! I needed to switch and look for another OB and hospital within the vicinity of Fairview.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a forum at femalenetwork.com. There is a thread for Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center, FEU Hospital, and Bernardino Hospital. The forum is really helpful. They included the most suggested and affordable OBs around. So, I signed-up and talked to other moms and expectant moms who will give birth to the hospitals mentioned above. Most of them opted to give birth at FCHMC and Bernardino rather than FEU because it was too expensive for the as well. 

I met a good friend within the forum and we kept in touch on Facebook. She referred to me her OB who has her own ultrasound clinic in Lagro, who also happens to do clinic and labor at FCHMC. I told her most of my concerns including budget and she also told me the same things that she was worrying. She told me that it took her five OBs before she settled with her current OB and she didn't regret it. I asked her what's her expected birthing cost at FCHMC and she told me her OB quoted around P40,000 for NSD all-in. I got excited to meet with her OB.

She gave me all the details including the OB's schedule at her own clinic and also at FCHMC, as well as her experiences with her OB. She will be giving birth at FCHMC by the last week of January and we promised each other that we will share  our birthing experience as well as the costs that she will pay so I can prepare.

I am only 14 weeks pregnant so I still have a very long way to go. I decided to meet -up with her OB on January 26, 2015 and hopefully I'll settle with her. If things go smoothly as well, I would want to give birth at FCHMC because it's just 5 mins away from house.

I'll let you guys know how my appointment with this OB will turn out and I will update this thread. :)

Also, if you want to know the names of the OBs I've mentioned or you have other questions, do leave me a comment so I can personally email them to you. 

Helpful forum links:

  1. OB-Gyn Recommendations around Metro Manila: http://www.femalenetwork.com/girltalk/index.php/topic,252656.0.html
  2. Magkano ang binayaran nyo sa panganganak?: http://www.femalenetwork.com/girltalk/index.php/topic,275096.0.html
  3. Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center: http://www.femalenetwork.com/girltalk/index.php/topic,259115.0.html

Rookie Mommy PH - I'm 24 and pregnant

23 comments on "Looking for My Birthing Hospital and OB-Gyne"
  1. hi how are u..just wanna ask if u have given birth in commonwealth hospital & how much did it cost u because im eyeing on that hospital too but i want to know more about ot ..how was the experience & if u could recommend an ob for me..thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Blessed Mommy,

      Yes I did gave birth at CHMC. I actually wrote a blog post about it. please see My Birthing Story on my blog. I've mentioned the rates for NSD and OB as well. I highly recommed my OB Dra.Michelle Dela Cruz. She's very approachable, nice and convenient. Her schedule is MWF 9am-12pm room 510 in the new building. Mention that I recommended you. :) I was recommended to her also and she charges me P400 each visit which is 100 cheaper vs the usual charge of P500 at CHMC. Mention my name Joarra Galang-Solis :)

      Let me know if you need other help.

    2. Hi Blessed Mommy,

      Here's the link http://rookiemommyph.blogspot.com/2015/07/my-birth-story-at-fairview-chmc.html :)

  2. hi..I just read your blog and it caught my attention:) I'm looking for an OB, can you give me the other sched of your OB (Dra. Michelle Dela Cruz), aside from the sched you mentioned, if there is & also the contact number?

    Hoping for your response:)


  3. I read this post late.. And Im currently with Dr. Bernardino my first visit there was last February 2016 and I think it was God's plan. My doctor is approachable and nice. She gave advice when I needed to ask bout my condition each time I feel strange...i will entrust my baby in FCMH.

  4. hi..i'll be having my prenatal by 2nd week of Nov,do Dra.Michelle dela Cruz or Dr.Bernardino have a Saturday/Sunday schedule? i want an OB that is approachable as well especially if we have concerns,that we can easily communicate with..THANKS & Godbless

  5. Hi, is your OB maxicare accredited? thank you

  6. Hi I'm on my 6 month now and I'm looking for a cheaper maternity package .. Also can u recommend your ob? Thanks much :)

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  9. Hi mommy just want to ask about the names and contact details of your OB, I am 6 weeks pregnant and still looking for OB. Mas gusto ko sana sa areas lang na un kasi traffic na pag lumagpas na sa fairview part coz of the cons of mrt 7 kindly email me, arki.jcvillaverde@gmail.com

    1. I highly recommend Dra. Michelle dela Cruz. She has her own clinic in Lagro. Very nice and accommodating. Check out Lagro OB Gyn Ultrasound Clinic in FB for the clinic schedule.

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