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Pregnancy Must-Haves: Anti-Stretch Marks Cream

December 26, 2014
One of the best gifts I received this last Christmas came from my aunt which is this Mamma Donna Anti-Stretch Marks Cream from Chicco.

They say having stretchmarks when you're pregnant is inevitable. I say so too! 
But trying can do no harm especially if you got the cream for free. So, lather that cream on your belly!

I am still in my 1st trimester so my belly is not that big yet. People say that you have to keep yourself moisturized especially if you are thin as early as your first trimester so that you can avoid the ugly stretchmarks once your belly starts ballooning. 

I'm not a fan of lotions. In fact, I hate them. 

The only time I forced myself to apply lotion is when Dengue fever is invading the Philippines and anti-mosquito sprays is not yet invented in our country.

Luckily, this lotion is different. It doesn't have a smell that triggers my nasal allergy, plus it's not sticky! The cream is smooth and is quickly absorbed by my tummy. It is advisable to lather up in the morning after your bath and in the evening before you sleep. I only apply it on the evening because I apply an Argan Oil after I bathe in the morning. (I'll tell you more Argan Oil in a different post).

I'll keep updating this post for the review of this product. I haven't notice anything drastic yet because I'm still not showing any bumps.

Product Price: not available
Where to buy product: Chicco, Leading Malls in Metro Manila

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