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[PR] YOU'RE INVITED! McDonald’s is Saving Halloween at the Grand Halloween Family Experience 2019

October 24, 2019

McDonald’s is Saving Halloween at the Grand Halloween Family Experience 2019
Kids and parents alike are invited to join!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES  — There's no better way to celebrate Halloween than with your family, and this October 26, 2019, McDonald's gives families a Grand Halloween Family Experience!

Take your whole family to the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City (F1 and F2) to show off your best costume and watch Ronald and the Gang help save Halloween from disappearing!

The kids are in for a different and exciting Halloween Trick or Treat experience at the Plaza del Halloween Trick Street and the Barrio Sweet Treats Zone! With fun games and activities at the Trick Street, as well as inflatables, face painting, and a toy bazaar at the Treats Zone, the whole family is sure to have a Grand Halloween Family Experience!

Families can register and purchase tickets for the McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Experience at participating McDonald’s stores or at the registration booth on the day of the event. At an affordable price of P250 for kids and P125 for adults, guests get an event ticket, which comes with a 1-pc Chicken McDo with rice and regular orange juice Happy Meal plus a crown and pouch giveaway for kids and a 1-pc Chicken McDo with rice and regular orange juice for adults. 

Don’t miss out on a family experience like no other at the McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Experience!
Visit to see the full list of participating branches where you can register and follow
McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook for more updates.

[PR] Lazada Partners with Five Renowned Milk Companies to Launch the LazMall Milk Guarantee Program

October 16, 2019

The program offers moms a convenient way of buying high quality,
fresh and authentic milk products online

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, OCTOBER 15, 2019 – Today, Lazada launched the LazMall Milk Guarantee program, providing moms with the convenience and full confidence to purchase milk formula online. The program is a partnership with renowned milk companies namely Nestle, Wyeth, Reckitt Benckiser Abbott, and Nutricia, to assure consumers that only high-quality, authentic and fresh milk are available on Lazada’s LazMall platform. 

Lazada panel and executives

Lazada warehouse tour

In conceptualising the program, rigorous market research was done to better understand key concerns related to milk formula purchasing for mothers. The findings include milk product authenticity and expiry dates, reliability of sellers of such products and long delivery lead times.  

Through close consultation with milk company partners, Lazada developed a robust set of guidelines and protocols that led to the advent of LazMall’s Milk Guarantee Program. This program guarantees the highest standards are applied for milk handling, storage and delivery of milk products.  

Emma Chavarot, Chief Business Officer of Lazada Philippines, said, “Lazada is the first and only e-commerce platform in the country to offer 100 percent guaranteed fresh and authentic milk products for online purchase. Together with our esteemed milk company partners, we are pleased to launch the LazMall Milk Guarantee Program, a product of our close collaboration and our commitment to safeguard and maintain high-quality standards. With busy mom lifestyles, we hope to provide more convenience and ease of mind when taking care of important things like buying fresh and authentic milk for their children.” 

What Lazada’s Milk Guarantee Promises Moms

Only infant milk formula, growing up milk and maternal milk from official brands and official distributors in the Philippines are sold on Lazada’s LazMall platform. All milk products are 100 percent authentic and are sourced directly from the milk brands.

The program guarantees that all milk formula products for outbound are at least 6 (six) months from their expiry dates.

Lazada warehouse employees are professionally trained to handle and fulfil orders in accordance with the quality and best practices upheld by the Milk Industry. These milk products are securely stored in Lazada’s warehouse to ensure that product quality is maintained at its best.

Worry and Hassle-Free Online Shopping Experience 
With Lazada’s logistics capabilities, all milk products ordered under the Milk Guarantee Program will be delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep within the next day.

Customers are provided with multiple payment options and are updated through SMS and email regarding the status of their orders. 

Seal of Milk Guarantee

All milk products covered by the LazMall Milk Guarantee Program will have the green seal of authenticity and freshness as seen below. Now, mothers will never have to worry when purchasing their trusted milk products online. 

“When it comes to choosing the right products for one’s child, nothing is left to chance. We identified the challenges faced by mothers through on-the-ground feedback, hence with the LazMall Milk Guarantee program, we truly hope to improve and increase options available on Lazada for mother and baby-related needs,” added Ms Chavarot.

To learn more about the program, and to shop your favourite milk products under the Milk Guarantee Program, visit

[PR] Color your day with the 2019 McDonald’s Coke Glass Collection!

October 14, 2019

Color your day with the 2019 McDonald’s Coke Glass Collection!
Get all six colors only at McDonald’s!

Starting October 11, McDonald’s Philippines gives its customers a chance to color their days with the 2019 McDonald’s Coke Glasses! Add fun and color to your day with Coke Glass colors that truly reflect your vibe. The limited edition glasses are a sleek design in six colors: Gray, Purple, Peach, Green, Pink, and Blue.

Start your collection now by just adding P45 per glass for any meal with a Coca-Cola product! Visit any McDonald’s store nationwide! You can purchase the Coke Glasses via dine-in, take-out, or Drive-Thru.

Color your day with the complete set of the 2019 McDonald’s Coke Glasses! Which color are you eyeing? Share your collection by tagging #McDoCokeGlass2019 and @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram and @McDoPH on Facebook.

Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Many expecting couples have different timelines as far as when to announce the big surprise to their friends and family. Some couples take a chance and announce the pregnancy right away (and if something were to go wrong, they would have support but let's not go there). Others prefer to do it traditionally by waiting until the early part of the second trimester, and there are others who don't make the announcement until much later on in the pregnancy. There are even some couples who don't announce after the birth of the baby (however, these are the ones who don't live near their friends and families and don't see them often). 

Whichever group you fall into as far as making the big announcement about the pregnancy, you will want to get creative with telling those who you care about and love the big news! Now let's go over some really fun pregnancy announcements that will make the news being shared even extra exciting that can be shared on Instagram and Facebook:

1. Movie Poster Pregnancy Announcement

This is a cool idea. There will be a picture of the couple in bed. The expecting mom will have delicious food from every group in bed, while the expecting dad is holding the What To Expect When You Are Expecting book as well as some harry potter baby clothes that is if he is a big fan by his side. And on top of the picture will have their names as they are the 'stars' of the movie, and the movie will be called Pregnant: Based On A True Story. On the bottom of the picture or poster will be the month that the baby is due. Have you heard of this idea before? Isn't it cute?

2. Wine Bottle Pregnancy Announcement

This can be a picture of two wine glasses, one wine glass being filled, and the other wine glass being empty with a note on it saying "Do not refill until" the month that the baby is due. And several bottles of wine can be in the background. That is a clever announcement that likely has not been done before. 

3. Ice Ice Baby Pregnancy Announcement

This one is a picture of the expecting parents. The dad-to-be is holding 2 bags of ice, and the -mom-to-be is holding her abdomen. There are no words captioned in the picture instead of on the post, the question "Can you decipher the meaning of this picture?" It won't take long for people to figure out what is in the picture. Of course, it means what it is showing, ice, ice, and baby! Has this one been done before? It probably has but even so, it is a cute idea to steal. 

4. Drinking For Two

This one will be a picture of the expectant parents at a restaurant where the mom-to-be is eating a meal and the dad to be is drinking 2 glasses of beer. And the caption in the photo will be "Drinking for two" which means since the dad is the one who has 2 glasses of beer does not mean all of a sudden he has become a lush. People will figure out what the meaning of this post is all about quickly. 

5. Prego Sauce

This one can be a picture of the expectant parents at the dinner table where the mom-to-be has a plate full of spaghetti in front of her and a glass of ginger ale with the bottle. And the dad-to-be drinking wine and eating the spaghetti. And in front of both of them, there will be the Prego sauce bottle with a sign above it that says "We are". That is a clever way to make the big news known. 

6. A For Sale Sign Or Trade

This picture can be the parents-to-be sitting in lawn chairs with baskets full of items that they are selling that they no longer need since it is suitable for those who don't have kids. In the basket, there will be wine glasses, booze bottles, beach stuff, and anything else that is associated with either the single life or life without kids. And above that will be a sign that says "Items for sale or to be traded with a crib in addition to some cute baby onesies with sayings".  People will get the idea pretty fast!

7. An Eating For Three Picture

This one may not be overly creative but it is cute. This can be a picture of a sundae container with ice cream in it with some pickles on it. And the container literally will be saying "Eating for three" on it. That has been done before but if the idea is appealing to you, then you will want to use this one. It may not be overly original but it is very cute. 

And you can even come up with some really cool pregnancy announcements that involve pets or siblings if you are expecting for the second or third, or fourth and so on time. The beauty with technology as well is that it gives you an opportunity to be creative with your announcements or anything else you do online. 

Because back in the old days before the internet was even a thought, the creative ways to announce a pregnancy was quite limited. That isn't to say that expecting parents didn't find other ways to be creative with how they announced their pregnancies. Perhaps they went to gatherings and threw in some hints that they were expecting such as throwing in the phrase "in 6 months from now" (if they waited 3 months to announce the pregnancy) And they would do this over and over again until someone caught on. 

However, the sky is the limit with how creative you can get when it comes to finding the best pregnancy announcement idea to use and to share it with those who you love and care about. It makes the experience even more exciting since others can join in as well!

Contest Alert! FTMPH x Safeguard Philippines for Global Hand Washing Day!

October 11, 2019

Hiya, Rookie Mommas!

Join me and my mom community as we celebrate the Global Hand Washing Day on October 15, 2019!

Get a chance to WIN P2,000 worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates + Safeguard Products!



  1. Post a photo of you and your kids washing your hands on Instagram. (If you can, wear white or blue colored clothing) 
  2. Answer the question "Why is it important to wash our hands and how do you ensure that your family is safe and protected from disease causing germs?" 
  3. Use the hashtags #GlobalHandwashingDay #SafeguardCleanHands 
  4. Tag @safeguard_philippines and @rookiemommyph on your caption.
  5. Make sure your post / profile is in PUBLIC.
Contest Duration:
October 11, 2019 - October 15, 2019

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy Global Hand Washing Day!

[PR] Plan a Hassle-free Celebration with McDo Party, just like what Marian Rivera-Dantes does for her daughter Zia!

September 29, 2019

PHILIPPINES - September 2019 - Kids always look forward to birthday party celebrations, but there’s no denying that the planning process can be intimidating for parents. For those who want to give the best birthday bash for their children but don’t know where to start, look no further as McDonald’s offers a hassle-free way to plan a party!

Marian Rivera-Dantes and daughter Zia choose McDo Party

Take it from Marian Rivera-Dantes herself, who is seen in this new video by McDonald’s, having a breeze as she and Zia takes us through their party planning process! 

As one of the top birthday party destinations for kids, McDonald’s aims to make party planning as stress-free as possible. Parents can rely on McDonald’s hands-on party planners, known as Guest Experience Leaders, to stay on top of the party details from start to finish, so parents can take a back seat from the stress of planning and just enjoy milestone moments as much as they should be enjoyed.

McDo Party: Planning in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Choose a McDonald’s branch, date, and time
What’s great about McDonald’s is that there are 450+ branches you can choose from, depending on your party requirements! May it be a small group of 30 or a bigger guest list of 100; a party in the morning, afternoon, or night; you’ll surely find a McDonald’s branch that will fit your needs!

Step 2: Choose your party theme
Kids love parties with a theme. At McDonald’s there are five options to choose from: Ronald and the Gang, Happy, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Thomas & Friends! This means your party will have a themed backdrop, invitations, party hats, activity sheets, game prizes and giveaways. And no matter what party theme you choose, an appearance of a McDonald’s character is already included in the package!

Step 3: Choose your favorite McDonald’s food
Get ready to serve a mouth-watering feast for your guests by selecting your McDonald’s favorites! Meal packages start at Php125 per person, proving great value for money.

Step 4: Lock in the payment
Once you’ve picked out your venue, date & time, theme, and food, all you’ll have to do is to settle a minimal reservation fee. Pay it via cash or credit card and you’re all good to go!

To learn more on how you can host your next party without the stress, visit or visit any McDonald’s store near you!

[PR] : The rise of e-cigarettes and RELX Technology - RELX Vape

September 23, 2019

Hiya, rookie momma and other readers!

Are you smoking, vaping, of just looking fo a way to break the habit? Let me help you with that. We've recently partnered with RELX Philippines for this Press Release and to promote the alternate way to smoking cigarettes. RELX is the leading e-cigarette brand and Asia!

I know I've recently reached out to my 16,000 Facebook group called - First Time Moms PH and I have discovered that a lot of moms within our community are wanting to switch from cigarette to e-cigarette but doesn't really know where to begin, so let me help you with that.

The use of electronic cigarettes has surged worldwide over the past decade, with the global market valued at US$10.3B in 2018 and expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.9% from 2019 to 2025 per multiple reports. Though there are several major players in the vaping industry, most of them owned by tobacco companies, one recent independent entrant, RELX Technology – pronounced “relax” – has stood out from the competition.

Origins: Female entrepreneurship and concern for family and friends

Founded by ex-Uber China Head Kate Wang in January 2018, RELX Technology’s products have experienced tremendous success with adult smokers globally, catapulting it to the position of the leading closed-system e-cigarette brand in Asia.
Motivated by her father’s lifelong struggle to quit cigarettes and the lack of suitable new generation products in the market, Wang took it upon herself to start a company that prioritizes innovation, safety, and product quality.

An independent e-cigarette brand that works ethically
With a mission to empower adult smokers through advanced technology and user-friendly design without sacrificing ethics, RELX Technology’s core business encompasses independent R&D, product design and development, and sales. From its inception, RELX Technology has conceptualized and put into effect its ‘Guardian Program’ - a company-wide initiative that stretches from product development to sales, ensuring that the company puts the necessary effort in preventing and discouraging the use of e-cigarettes by minors, whether this be through concerted efforts with retailers to step up on-site identification of purchasers, or launching facial-recognition vending machines in China that dispense products only to adults against their national ID cards.

Cutting-edge R&D that focuses on problems faced by adult smokers wishing to quit cigarettes
In an industry focused on top-line growth, RELX Technology has invested millions of dollars into building its own facilities and operates the first CNAS-certified lab owned by an independent vape brand. RELX Technology also holds more than 20 international patents on its groundbreaking innovations in e-cigarette technology, all geared towards improving safety, quality, and user experience that helps smokers quit cigarettes more efficiently. Its products such as the RELX Alpha and RELX i include a haptic feedback feature called SmartPace, which vibrates to let users know when they should stop vaping and put down their devices. RELX Tech’s latest product, a smart e-cigarette called RELX i, connects to the companion smartphone app that features in-depth usage statistics and a child lock that prevents unauthorised use.

RELX Technology brings its advanced e-cigarette products to Philippines
RELX is now available in the Philippines through its physical stores and online partners such as Lazada and Shoppee. The RELX starter kits are available in the variants of Classic Black, Rose Gold. Space Gray, Navy Blue, Red, and Turquoise 

and just recently they have released the Celestial series, which features the stunning variants of Sunset Glow, Solar Eclipse, and Mystic Aurora. 

RELX also has a wide range of pod flavors such as Mango, Lemon Tea, Blueberry, Grapefruit, Ludou Ice, Fresh Cucumber, Mint, Classic Tobacco, Banana, Green-tea, Peach Oolong, and Icy Slush. All RELX starter kits comes with 1 vape electronic cigarette, charger, and 1 pod priced at Php 1,599.00

Check out to check physical and online stores near you. Follow them on
Facebook ( and Instagram (

Watch out for a giveaway I'm hosting soon!

Rookie Mommy Ph - Happy Vaping!