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How Can You Make Yourself Look Younger Through the Things You Wear?

August 20, 2018

When you hit peak ‘mom status’ and you have more things to worry about on a daily basis that you could have ever imagined, keeping up-to-date with fashion trends isn’t quite as important as it once was. Personal style when you get older is all about understanding what looks good on your body and how it can be revamped in fresh and modern ways. It’s all about adapting, even if you have very little time to yourself.

There are more than one or two ways to freshen up everyday outfits while still being age-appropriate. Here are 3 ways you can make yourself younger through the clothes you wear.

Find the right pair of jeans

Never underestimate the power of a pair of denim jeans that hug you in all the right places. Spend a little more time in the store by feeling out which cut and style suits your body the best. Funnily enough, a hit trend at present is the resurrection of the mom jeans. When it comes to the qualities of what makes a mom jean, Denimology claims the style is usually high waisted, making your bum appear longer and flatter, and the zipper area has a relaxed fit. More brands are coming out with their version of the ultra-comfy jean but have modernized styles with a few embroidery details and patchwork.

Invest in an edgy jacket

Sometimes a single piece of clothing can make all the difference. Throwing on a bomber jacket or a classic biker jacket can make a basic #OOTD effortlessly youthful. BNY Jeans' Back to School Collection is designed for the young at heart and revisits classic favorites that are chic and timeless. Wearing collections like this will help bring out your youthful side due to their creative and on vogue designs.

Show off your legs with a flattering skirt

Go for a sweet and dainty aura for your next outfit by considering a flowy skirt that falls just above your knees. Shapeless skirts that sweep the floor give your whole ensemble a matronly vibe and adds years to your look. Good Housekeeping shares that long skirts are a confidence-zapping outfit that's way too geriatric for anyone under 101. Uplift your Sunday outfit with a billowy or a knife-pleated skirt that looks great in neutral tones and adorable heeled slides.

Choose subtle prints and patterns

Keep minimalist stripes, low-key patterns, and nude hues close when assembling an outfit. Stay away from loud prints and neon colors that are specially reserved for raves, music festivals, and other millennial-appropriate events. The List advises that large prints, especially on a tight clothing item like leggings, are an avoid-at-all-costs look. Bright colors that scream “look at me” attract some weird looks and can sometimes be construed as trying too hard.

Everyday dressing will always be a fun outlet to show your personality no matter what age you are. At the end of the day, go with your instincts and keep an open mind to modern takes on classic fashion favorites. For more tips on how to stay looking young and refreshed, check out our beauty section here on Rookie Mommy.

Good Nutrition Starts Now: Mondelez Philippines’ Joy Schools Program

August 17, 2018

Good Nutrition Starts Now
Mondelez Philippines’ Joy Schools Program Aims to Help Develop
Students’ Well-being

Nutrition Education is recognized as one of the most important tools to help promote well-being – through early interventions to help ensure children grow up with good nutrition practices, knowledge and actions. Nutrition Education provides children with the right knowledge about well-being including having a balanced diet, the kind of foods the body needs to achieve good nutrition and the importance of being active, all lessons which children can bring into adulthood.  
      The Case of Nutrition for Filipino Children
Among children in the Philippines aged 5-10 years old, 31.2% are underweight, while those who are overweight are at 8.6%. The National Capital Region (NCR) is also identified as one of the regions in the Philippines with the highest number of overweight and obese children aged 5-10 years old at 17.9%. (Food and Nutrition Research Institute National Nutrition Survey. 2015). We have the double burden of over and undernutrition among our children, which shows the need for greater nutrition education.  

“To help reverse the trend in obesity or malnutrition, Nutrition Education should start early,” says Dr. Rodolfo Florentino, a renowned health expert in the Philippines and the
former Chairman President and now adviser for the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.

“Indeed, school age presents an excellent window of opportunity for teaching children the basics of proper diet, balanced meals, the value of vegetables and fruits, and inculcating in them proper dietary habits and practices, as well as the need for being physically active through play and exercise. They are very receptive to new knowledge taught them by their teachers,” Dr. Florentino shares.

He continues, “School children religiously follow what their teacher teaches them. At this age, children tend to be less and less dependent on their parents for the food they eat. They choose the food they want to eat. Thus the home provides the venue for practicing what they are taught, and as long as balanced and nutritious food is offered in the family table, optimum growth and development is assured.  The parents then have an important role of supporting what the teacher taught them by offering nutritious and balanced meals on the table, choosing balanced snacks in and outside the home, and providing the opportunity for play and exercise. The knowledge, practices and habits children learn in school will remain with them through adolescence and adulthood,”

Since 1959, the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (NFP) has been operating as an assisting agency complementing and supporting the nutrition efforts of agencies in the government and non-government sectors.  “NFP’s main thrust is Nutrition Education and is the core component of majority of its programs and services. Nutrition education classes discriminate no one and are given to various groups in the communities to provide them knowledge on health and nutrition,” explains Lenliegh Hope Luces, NFP Acting Assistant Executive Director.
“Topics discussed include but are not limited to: the basic food groups, meal planning and food preparation, food safety, utilization of edible wastes, nutrition in the life cycle, environmental sanitation, livelihood opportunities, and nutritional management of diseases. We also use different methodologies such as role-playing, workshops, games, and cooking demonstrations are to make the class interactive and participative,” Luces reveals.

To further promote public health nutrition among the population and help alleviate nutrition problems in the Philippines, the NFP joined the regional South East Asia Public Health Nutrition Network (SEA-PHN), a partnership of key stakeholders in the region, namely nutrition societies, government agencies and corporate companies. Under the partnership between the SEA-PHN and Mondelēz International in Southeast Asia, the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines partnered with the snacking company to implement the Good Nutrition Key to Healthy Children module, a nutrition education project of the Network, for the Company’s community program, the Joy Schools.  

Partnering with Mondelez Philippines for the Joy Schools Program
Established in 2013, the Joy Schools program of Mondelēz International across Southeast Asia has been adopting public elementary schools. This aims to empower young children to take positive steps towards their overall well-being focusing on Nutrition Education, Physical Activity and Access to Nutrient Fresh Foods.

  Shanahan Chua, the Head of Corporate and Government Affairs of the Company described the Joys Schools program and what it aims to achieve, “Through the Joy Schools, we are helping empower communities to lead balanced lifestyles thereby helping address nutrient needs for at-risk populations – all of which also help support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since it started in the Philippines in 2013, our Joy Schools program is now implemented by our Company in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, all following the same program structure. I’m proud to say that this 2018 we have adopted 16 new Joy Schools all over Southeast Asia.”

     Chua continues, “We have partnered with the Philippine Business for Social Progress for our Joy Schools program locally to provide access to fresh food and promote the importance of active play. In school year 2017-2018, 88% of 400 students who benefitted from the Joy Schools’ daily 9-month lunch feeding program have gained weight, while 80% saw an increase in height. Donations of much-needed sports equipment have also been made to the schools to help promote active play.”

       He added “For nutrition education, we partnered with the NFP to implement their Good Nutrition Key to Healthy Children for our three current adopted Joy Schools in Metro Manila. The program began in July 2018 and will continue to March 2019, covering Grade 3 students, who will be taught basic nutrition knowledge and good nutrition practices. We know the importance of early nutrition education to help develop good health habits in the future. Through the NFP, we are helping provide this knowledge to children in our adopted schools.”  

At the end of the program, both Mondelēz International and the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. aim to see an extensive improvement of the knowledge, action and practices of the students when it comes to good nutrition.

DIY your kid's special events with!

August 6, 2018

Hey, rookie mommas!

Preparing for a special event for your little ones? Fear not, is here to help you ace that DIY party celebration., the newest project of, in partnership with The Ayala Malls, is an online and on-ground platform designed to help loving parents create beautiful events for their precious little ones.

They will be having a series of events so you can check them out on these dates and places:

Next stop is Fairview Terraces this coming weekend!

Don't miss it!

Rookie Mommy PH - Looking forward for another DIY party celebration.

I tried Althea Korea x Get it Beauty's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer for 5 days and here's why it's not for me

July 31, 2018

Hey, KBeauty fanatics and mommas of all ages on my blog!

Althea Korea's x Get it Beauty's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is officially available in Althea Korea and you can get them for the price of one! Click here to check it out.

I tried the set for 5 days and here are the things that I like about them and why I think these products is not for me.

My Skin Type:
Overly sensitive skin
Dry skin
Eczema prone skin
Breakout prone skin

Let's start with the Rose variant

If there's something to love about this duo, it's definitely the Rose variant. This 10 second wash-off mask is gentle enough not to cause my skin any redness or irritation. Even though it has a strong scent of Rose, I still love it. 

The rose petals doesn't feel rough even though you slather it on your face. After washing it off, it will leave your skin feeling fresh, vibrant, and glowing! I used this for 5 days, along with my Althea Korea Bare Essentials Line, usually in my morning routine.

What I don't like about this wash-off mask is that if you're not careful and leave it on for more than 10 seconds, let's say you had it on for about 15 - 20 seconds, it will surely dry out your skin. 

Going back to my skincare routine history, me and any products I put on my face that has Green Tea will surely breakout my face. And this one is no different. I'm kind of bummed that this wash-off mask is not working for me. It's supposed to be good with sensitive skin like mine but I guess me and Green Tea will never be friends. Ever.

The Green Tea variant is very soothing and cold when immediately applied on the skin. Then 3 seconds after that, I felt really sharp stinging on my face, I had to wash it off in less than 10 seconds. For 5 days, I just let it sit on my face for about 6 - 8 seconds and wash it off with warm water to soothe my skin. When I was on Day 3, I kind of want to give up already cos my eczema is starting to flare up on the sides of my nose. However, I really wanted to see how well these masks will perform so I extended it for another 2 days. Making that 5 days total.

The stinging didn't stop and at Day 5, my cheeks were already breaking out, and the sides of my nose along with my chin were already flaring up with eczema so I knew I had to stop.

Here you can see spots and red patches on my cheeks and the sides of my nose. Eczema is no joke. They're really itchy and hard to deal with. However, getting eczema has been my best gauge when a product will work with my skin type.

Anywhooo, no regrets here! Just happy I was able to try these new products from Althea x Get it Beauty!

I'm back and probably sticking still with my Althea Korea Bare Essentials line, which is btw, I cannot live without. They help me with my eczema, my skin dryness, and breakouts. I wouldn't trade this skincare line for anything else and I'm glad Althea came out with these products.

Hey, if you have a different skin type than mine, I'd still suggest that you try these wash-off mask and see for yourself how your skin will react. Crossing my fingers that they will work well on your skin. 

However, if you have overly sensitive skin as mine, then, I'd probably stick with more hydrating products. *Wink!

Rookie Mommy PH - ugh, eczema....

Celebrating Smiles Through Art

July 30, 2018

Celebrating Smiles Through Art
Acts of Kindness Hosts Art Exhibit Benefitting Smile Train, the World’s Leading Cleft Charity

Acts of Kindness Hosts Art Exhibit Benefitting Smile Train, the World’s Leading Cleft Charity
MANILA, July 26, 2018 — On July 19, Acts of Kindness and Solaire Resorts and Casino unveiled, “A Celebration of Smiles: Creating smiles and second chances at life through art,” an art exhibit benefitting Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft charity. The exhibit is being held at Solaire's The Shoppes Artway.

The exhibit features artwork by local and international artists, and some of Smile Train’s former cleft patients. The artwork will be available for sale until September 2 and will help raise funds and awareness for children with clefts in the Philippines.

“We are grateful that Acts of Kindness is hosting this art exhibit to help raise awareness for Smile Train and our local programs here in the Philippines. Through this initiative, not only is Acts of Kindness able to showcase local and international talent, they are also able to help create a brighter future for children born with clefts,” said Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano, Area Director for Smile Train in Southeast Asia.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Smile Train to help fund various local programs to provide free cleft surgery and comprehensive cleft care for Filipinos. Celebrating Smiles Through Art The art exhibit showcases pieces from Roberto Sanchez, a DJ and entrepreneur by trade, but creatively a self-taught artist; Jon Ray Fernandez, an airline professional turned mixed-media artist; Camy Cabral, a full-time artist with a background in design and advertising; and Albrecht Behmel, an award-winning artist and best-selling writer whose works have been shown in Paris, Beijing, New York, Moscow and London. Despite coming from different backgrounds with different styles of artwork, these artists came together to offer their pieces all for a good cause.

Apart from the seasoned artists, some of the artwork is from Smile Train’s former cleft patients including: Julia Robert Capili, Angel Ibo, Pearl Angeli Miranda, Jervy Hobo and Nickson Cabote. Having interacted with the guests, these individuals have shown how far they’ve come since their initial cleft surgery. “We hope that we can continue to raise awareness for children with clefts in the Philippines and all over the world through these small acts of kindness,” says Flaviano. “We want to continue to spread
smiles and encourage others to do the same.”

For more information about Smile Train's global efforts and to make a donation, please visit Follow Smile Train Philippines on Twitter and Instagram @SmileTrainPh, and like us on Facebook at @SmileTrainPhilippines.


About Smile Train
Smile Train empowers local medical professionals with training, funding, and resources to provide free cleft
surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children globally. We advance a sustainable solution and scalable global
health model for cleft treatment, drastically improving children’s lives, including their ability to eat, breathe,

Media Contact: Greenbulb Communications
Macky Del Rosario / Isabel Mayor /
+63917.719.3583 / +63920.962.2450
speak, and ultimately thrive. To learn more about how Smile Train's sustainable
approach means donations have both an immediate and long-term impact, please visit
About Acts of Kindness
About Acts of Kindness is an initiative that supports various causes and charities through art. They are able to
establish brand awareness, social consciousness, and human interaction to drive trust, civic responsibility and
humanity to today’s busy world by engaging in online and on-ground initiatives. The exhibit will be open for
public viewing until September 2, 2018 at The Shoppes Artway, Solaire, Entertainment City, Parañaque City.

Althea Korea's Althea Angels Welcome Gift Box

July 27, 2018

Hey, KBeauty fanatics!

Here's your Althea Korea #AltheaAngels beauty ambassador, reporting for duty. *wink

I finally received my Althea Angels Welcome Gift Box a few days a go and I immediately went ahead and did an unboxing video which you can watch here.

I am super duper excited and beyond happy to be part of the Korean Beauty community that Althea Korea organized. I, never in my entire life of blogging and vlogging would have thought that I'd become part of such a fun community! And this by the way has motivated me to pursue my long lost passion of vlogging! CANT WAIT TO GET A NEW CAMERA SOON! EEEEKKK!!

Anywhoooo, here's a close-up of what I got plus a sneak peek of the two new products that Althea Korea and Get it Beauty TV will be launching soon.

I have here the welcome message by Tammy, a handy mirror and a very cute pouch that says "Spread your wings", also the tote bag! So cute!

Here's the two new products launching soon on the Althea Korea website. It's a collaboration between Althea and Get it Beauty TV. Watch out for this, I'll definitely make a separate blog and vlog, maybe after a week of using these products so I can better give you the ups and downs.

And here I have the three birthday miniature boxes, which by the way are the ones you need if you want to join Althea Korea's 3rd Anniversary Birthday Giveaway. 
See poster below:

Click here to find out more about it. 

And here's me, just teasing you guys with these products!!!

Stay tuned for more KBeauty content in my blog and vlog!


Rookie Mommy PH - Spread Your Wings!

3 Easy to Find Remedies For Mosquito Bites and Marks

July 24, 2018

Hey, mommas!

Rainy season is here and we all know what that means. More mosquitoes, more mosquito bites. Arya and I have been dealing with mosquitoes and bites since June. I asked my aunt, my mother-in-law, and a few mommas in our First Time Mom community what remedies do they use when dealing with the itchy mosquito bites.


July 23, 2018

Hey, rookie mommas!

One of my fave online stores is having a massive midyear sale on July 25 - August 3, 2018!

Where to buy pre-loved children's book online

July 11, 2018

Hiya, rookie mommas!

I just found a gem! If you're like me who loves to read and love to save money at the same time, then read on. 

My daughter is turning 3 on July 15th and we are slowly increasing our story time, one in the afternoon, and another before turning off the light. I have to admit, Arya is a bit slow on creating conversations but I hope, with the help on increasing our reading time and talking, she'll properly learn how to pronounce words clearly and hopefully, manage to hold a conversation.

So, I was hunting for books online and a momma friend of mine recommended this online Facebook store to me: SAM's Pre-love Spot

I'm not entirely sure if Sam is a He or a She but one thing for sure, they sell tons of pre-loved books! I found hundreds of children's book and I tried to purchase a few just to see how good the quality of the book is last week. Me, and Arya, received the books today and I am very impressed!

These books cost P100.00 per piece and they are of great quality! Walang punit, or any sort of damage. As in parang brand new pa!

All these book + shipping = P435.00.
Seller is very accommodating! I paid using bank transfer and it was a smooth transaction as well. I actually reserved a few more books that I'll need to pay next week after sweldo day. Teehee!

This is totally something I'd recommend to my fellow mommas out there! Super sulit!

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy book shopping!