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How to Choose the Right Anti-aging Serum

July 17, 2019

Our skin needs much attention to remain supple, plump, and youthful. When you begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles, this statement becomes particularly true. While you are unable to avoid the natural process of aging, there is a way to effectively minimize your fine lines and wrinkles and slow down the formation of new ones. It is likely that you have already considered obtaining your very first anti-aging serum or a new anti-aging serum like Timeless hyaluronic acid serum. In order to make the process of choosing the right anti-aging serum less stressful, we are here to help you. 

Most Common Causes of Wrinkles
A wrinkle is a crease, fold, or fine line on your skin and it generally develops in locations that are exposed to the most sun, including neck, face, forearms, and hands. Experts all agree that more than one factor contributes to the formation of wrinkles. In addition to the normal aging process, the most common include:
Sun Exposure: about 80 percent of wrinkles on the face are due to exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, according to a study, long-term exposure the sun’s UV rays can also lead to impaired skin elasticity, pigmentation, and yellowing. 
Hereditary: hereditary is also a factor in the formation of wrinkles. Your chances are increased of developing wrinkles earlier than most people if your parents developed wrinkles at a younger age than most others. 
Smoking: smoking impairs blood supply to your skin by constricting the blood vessels. 
Facial Expressions: smiling, squinting, and frowning can all add to fine line and wrinkles. A groove forms underneath your skin each time you use a facial muscle. You skin springs back easily when you are young, but as you age this ability begins to slow down. 
What to Look for In an Anti-aging Serum
To ensure that you get everything that an anti-aging serum has to offer, you must know how to pick the right product correctly. Here are a few tips to help:
Do Not Go by the Price Tag 
It does not mean that anti-aging serum is working just because it is expensive. 
Check Reviews
There is almost always a place for customer reviews. However, also look for reviews on other websites as well. 
Be sure that the anti-aging beauty product was manufactured by a reputable company like Timeless vitamin C and E serum. 
Consider multi-purpose anti-aging serums such as squalane oil which can be included in an anti-aging beauty regimen or used as a standalone moisturizer. 
Read the Label: the best anti-aging serums have the highest amounts of active ingredients. Take a few minutes to research the ingredients on your smartphone. While the list of ingredients in the anti-aging serum may seem unnecessary since some of the names are odd and unfamiliar, still look them up. Also, some manufacturers, such as Timeless, list their ingredients on their website for each product available on their website. 
Contact Timeless to learn more about choosing the right anti-aging serum.

Making our lives healthier one day at a time

July 3, 2019

Hiya, rookie mommies!

I'm back with another life blog post. So, for the past month. May - June, actually. We've been doing a little revamp in our family lifestyle. From taking new vitamins, doing diets, and home exercises, we are really determined to make our life a little bit healthier.

It's a little easier for me and my daughter to change our bad eating habits because we just stay at home. I still work at night and Arya won't go to proper schooling until next year when she turns 

If you're a vlog subscriber, you may or may not may seen my latest vlog,

I have been really serious on my self-care so I decided to push myself to do home exercises consistently. Arya too joins me whenever I do my morning workouts. Although I didn't want her to lose weight, I just want her to get accustomed to routines and doing this daily takes her away from her gadgets as well so I believe it helps us both.

One of the challenges I had encounter when Arya turned 3 years old is that she just say "NO" to everything. Even though that she and I know that it's her fave food or snack, she will just say No, like it literally became a habit and a phase for her. So, imagine me forcing her to take her liquid vitamins daily. Yeah, not a good sight. Swear. Vitamins all over the floor, on the couch, on her fave white shirt. 

And so, I've recently came across with Watson's Vitamin Gummies with Lactoferrin for kids. Hah! Made my life super easier. This is the first time that we have tried gummy vitamins and I am never going back! I tasted a piece of this and it's super good! It taste like one of those gummy candies you can buy from the supermarket - except this one is lit vitamins!

With this one, I don't have to force her to it. I just say "Arya, time to take your vitamins" and she'll start singing and jumping towards me to get the bottle. I let her open it and take one for herself. The only issue I find with this gummies is that they're so good and I taught Arya to open the bottle right, so sometimes she steals more than 1 gummy. *lol  You can get this from Watsons for the price of P210.00

My husband on the other hand can be very difficult to convince to join us on this journey because most of the time he's at work and when he gets home, it's too late or he's too tired to do any exercises. His eating habit are bad as well because he eats a lot outside. We love eating outside.

One of our fave things to do when we get the chance to go out on a date is to eat Samgyupsal. It's either buffet style or unlimited servings. 

I was super excited when we received this Organique Acai in the mail because I've been wanting to try it for the longest time but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. Too expensive for me.

I took this for a month, everyday before I do my morning exercise. I don't eat breakfast so this is all I drink + water everyday. My husband didn't like the taste so again, I'm all alone on this one.

Some of the things I noticed while taking this drink is that my sleep improved really well. I have insomnia. Even though I am tired from the day's work I still have difficulty falling asleep at night + my work affects that too. But when I was taking this, my sleep was deep, as in I can have dreams kind of sleep and I remember them too. Another plus for me is that I could feel that it just boosts up my energy for the day. Since, I only take this for breakfast and nothing else before 1pm, I should really feel hungry or tired around that time, but I don't. It gives me more energy to finish a 30 - 45 minutes morning workout.

I eventually finished the bottle and wanting to buy more, but you know, I gotta pay the bills first. You can grab a bottle of this from Watsons at P2,500 for the 946ml and P1,350 for the 473ml.

Another fave toiletry product that I'm currently fond of is Watson's Argan Shampoo. Everyday, after working out, Arya and I goes to shower and this is what I use for my hair. I love anything that has Argan Oil on it because it just makes everything a little bit healthier in my opinion. Honestly, using this product feels like going into hair salon. I have a very dry and dead hair so this shampoo hydrates my locks and keeps it tame. A bottle of this is around P229.00 at Watsons. They also have a conditioner to go with this shampoo.

I lost count on how many times I mentioned and promoted how addicted I am to aromatherapy inhalers and roll-ons. I literally have tons of them under my bed. I can't sleep without them. I have nasal allergies and they helped me breathe easier at night. I discovered FreshKo through Watsons as well. 

Compared to the other inhalers and roll-ons that I have, FreshKo smells familiar because it's Calamansi and leave that menthol-cold feeling on your skin. I just love this! I put this on my temple and neck every night and it helps with my insomnia too.

I love going to Watsons because it's a one-stop-shop. All of our family's needs from toiletries, medicines, makeup, and sometimes even snacks, they have it all there. It's a good thing that we have a branch here that's closer to our home so whenever we need something it's just a few steps away. *wink

For me, being healthy should start from home and yourself and not from others. The reason why I decided to start doing home exercises, watching my diet, and taking care of myself more is because there was a time that I couldn't look in the mirror anymore. I felt really bad and not confident on my own skin. When that happened, I knew that I had to change something and I just had the courage to start it little by little one day at a time and just do it consistently. Most of all, have fun and think that everything that you're doing is for a better self. Self-care, exercise is an investment you're sure you're not going to lose anything in the long run.

Rookie Mommy PH - just do it.

Dad & Daughter Bonding : Learning Through Play

June 15, 2019

(To our awesome Dads and our awesome single Moms!)

One of the things that I am thankful for this Father's Day is that I have a loving and hard working husband and father to my daughter, Arya. Growing up, I didn't have a father figure in my life and so I believe that I have missed out on a lot of Father - Daughter experiences and milestones.

I was one of those kids in school who doesn't have a dad to show up during family day, or the kid who couldn't complete the family tree because a dad is missing in our family. I guess, I do have a lot of negative experiences growing up because a dad was never in the picture.

Having Arvin, my husband as a partner in life is really something that I am grateful for. Sure, we fight on petty things but we still make up and we always put our daughter first no matter what.

So I thought, this Father's Day, why don't I share some of Arvin and Arya's bonding time with you and you can also share yours in the comments below. *wink

They say, learning through play is best when you have someone to play with. Arya is really lucky in that area because I'm a full time mom and I work from home - for four years now so she always have someone to play with. However, it's different with her dad, Arvin can get really busy most days and sometimes he would come home too late and too tired to play with her and he would just prefer to sleep and relax while playing online games or Netflix.

It gets to me sometimes because I do want them to have their daily bonding time but I can't just force that out of the two of them. So, whenever we get that weekend off, or a holiday, or a new toy they both like, we take advantage of those moments and make sure they create memories out of those experiences, because I know that it will help Arya a lot growing up because I know since I've missed those times with my own dad.

Arvin was a toy junkie. When I met him, he owns a lot of collector items toys from Japan, etc. I'm not an enthusiast so I wouldn't know what kind of toys are they but when we got married and had Arya, he had to gave that up. Sell them so we can save for Arya's needs and other expenses. 

And so we recently got the Hot Wheels Action Trackset and Monster Trucks from Hot Wheels, Richprime Global, and Kids Company and he was just above and beyond happy and excited. He was so happy receiving the gift box with his name and all and special letter and asked me if it was my doing. Haha! I was like, Nah, you're just lucky because it's Father's Day. 

Arya was seriously as excited as her dad too! Assembling tracks and playing cars and trucks was never the kind of play and bonding they've done before so it's good that they have a new experience to share.

I, too got excited and played with them. I think this might be the start of us collecting Hot Wheels toys. Haha! Arya's grandfather was a Hot Wheels collector too and he got the old styles and promised to bring them on his next visit so they could play with the new trackset.

If you're looking for a new fun way to play with your kids, drop those gadgets and pick up their fave toys and just simply play and be with them during that time. It's at times like this that their learning is more developed because they're not only playing but also interacting with their family.

Do you have what it takes to be the champion? Ignite your Challenger Spirit with your kid by joining the Hot Wheels - Dad and Me Photo Contest!

Hot WheelsToy Kingdom PH and Great Image are giving away up to Php 90,000 worth of prizes! Visit for more details.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9116, series of 2019.

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy Father's Day, everyone!

[FULL REVIEW] Althea Korea A'BLOOM Collection!

May 12, 2019

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) !!! wonderful mommas! I'm back with another Korean product review from Althea! I know it has been a while and I really took my sweet time before I make a blog post of Althea Korea's newest collection - A'Bloom so that I can make an honest to goodness review.

Oh, and since I am publishing this post on May 12, 2019, let's greet everyone a Happy Mother's Day! 

Althea's A'BLOOM collection consists of their (finally!) very own sheet masks, beauty puffs or sponges, and a BHA Blackhead blaster. 

I am a HUUUUUGEEEEE fan of sheet masks so I'm definitely over the top when I heard they were launching their own masks and I was super excited when the package actually arrived. 

So, let's get to it. 

My Skin Type:
Overly sensitive skin
Dry skin
Eczema prone skin
Breakout prone skin - when it's dry season

AC-ME-PEACH was the first sheet mask I tried when the package arrived because I did have a few small zits on my forehead that night. 

I usually put my sheet masks on the freezer before I use them so it's much cooler when applied on the skin.

Before anything else, I usually gravitate towards hydrating sheet masks versus correcting sheet masks because of my skin type, and most of the time, correcting sheet masks do more harm on my skin - like activate my eczema and dry skin more because of its ingredients so I didn't expected that much from this mask.

and then, I WAS WRONG!

This mask made the zits on my forehead disappear overnight! NO JOKE! Walang halong biro! What's more to love is that it did not irritate my skin at all. No redness or any tingling feeling right after using the mask and it was very hydrating on my skin.

Another plus for me is that since the mask is a Tencel kind of sheet mask, it's more thicker and can adhere to the skin much better than just your regular sheet mask. Tencel sheet masks are by the way usually much more expensive. I've been using Tencel sheet masks for a long time and a piece usually costs around P150.00 per mask depending on the brand and the A'BLOOM sheet masks only costs P20.00. What a steal! 

I used SPARKLE - ME - BRIGHT on the second night because I just thought it would be good for my newly dried pimples so there will be little to no after marks. There's no surprise here. This sheet mask totally did its job well. 

I put the sheet mask on my skin and leave it on for about a good 15 - 20 minutes max. Go over that time and you'll feel the mask pulling out the moisture off of your skin. 

I did immediately saw its brightening effect right after taking off the sheet mask on my skin. No redness or tacky feeling whatsoever. It was very pleasant and hydrating as well.

It's the AVO - CUDDLE - ME on the third day. Out of all the sheet mask on the collection this is my least favourite because I did feel like it didn't do anything noticeable on my skin unlike the other sheet masks. I had a feeling that, maybe because I do use other skin nourishing and hydrating products on my skin care routine that it masked the effects of this sheet mask.

Nonetheless, this mask did not irritate my skin. No redness or itchy feeling after using it.

I was saving probably the best for last on my last day of trying out the sheet masks. This WATER - ME - LONG truly lived up to its promise. Since I'm all nothing but love and kisses for any product that is hydrating then this one is no exception for me.

It was super hydrating and surely plumped up my skin before bed time. It smells incredibly good too, like how I wish I could licked the serum off the sheet - that good!

I have a tiny face and am not expert on putting on sheet mask but this is how I looked like for the last 4 days of trying the sheets masks out for myself. No doubt about it, it's definitely a game changer. The quality of these masks are up top! And at P20.00 I'd definitely be hoarding these masks! And so should you!

The A'BLOOM collection also released their own make-up puffs called Meringue Puffs. These are so cute! They have it in tiny puffs - for concealers and precision correction and the giant puff which is by the way my new fave make-up puff.

A few things I noticed when I used it the first time,

Here's what it looked like after dumping it on a water and squeezing the water out of the puff. It's definitely bouncy, not too soft and not too hard, the puff is perfect enough to give you that airbrush finish. *Apologies as I did not include the before and after photo of me on this with a make-up on because my toddler was running around with an open bottle of foundation while I was doing this. >.<

I find it perfect to use on watery or liquid base foundation but it does absorbs the product quickly and a LOT. Like, it could absorb almost half of a one pump liquid foundation on my skin. So, maybe for some it could mean that it's a waste of foundation. For me though, what worked for me is I already applied small dots of foundation on my face versus putting a big pump on my hand and dumping the puff on and off. The first one was more effective of achieving that airbrush finish versus the latter.

The Giant puff is P100.00 and Tiny puff at P140.00. Super affordable for the kind of quality that you will get out of these puffs. I'd say it's definitely worth your moolah.

The last one on the A'BLOOM collection is this BHA Blackhead Blaster that promises to melt down your blackheads and whiteheads gently, with no pain and irritation at all.

One of the many things that I love about this one is how handy and hygienic this product is. I mean, look at that cover! That's the first time I've seen anything like that for this kind of skincare product.

I've used AHA and BHA's as part of my skincare routine because they're very effective on my skin type, so long I use it  once or twice a week.

My skin is very sensitive to any product that has Tea Tree on it and this one has that so I was a little bit worried on how my skin would react but it did surprisingly well on my skin.

No redness or irritation at all. Although I do have this tight feeling on my skin right after using it. It does what it's supposed to do and I even put this on my zits and they do dry out pretty fast overnight so it's really a good product for me.

I was able to try it for three times now and I don't see any negative reaction on face so, it's really a good one for me. This BHA blaster will only cost you P200.00 so I suggest you go grab one now while stock is still available. *Wink

If you want to know more about the A'BLOOM collection, feel free to click here to find out more and purchase for yourself. 

Rookie Mommy PH -  Happy Masking! Seriously grab those sheet masks!

Don't miss The SM North Edsa's Hatchimals Grand Easter Event!

April 16, 2019

Calling all kids and kids at heart! Don't miss Sm North Edsa's Grand Easter Event on April 21, 2019!

Here's how to join the Costume Contest:

1. Purchase any Hatchimals merchandise at The Block Atrium (min. of P500.00 single receipt) from April 7 - 21, 2019.
2. Open to kids 3-12 years old. Present your receipt and sign up at our Registration Booth at The Block Atrium on the following schedule:

April 13 & 14, 2019
1PM - 9PM

April 20, 2019
1PM - 9PM

April 21, 2019
10AM - 3PM

3. Wear your most colorful, cutest and wackiest Easter costume on April 21, 4PM at The Block Atrium.
4. 6 Lucky winners (2 winners per category - Boy & Girl) will win P3,000.00 SM GCs, Hatchimals Certificate & Toys & a loot bag from Twisted Candies.

Arya and I were able to experience the Hatchimals play area too! Have your kids enjoy the play area by purchasing any Hatchimals toy on the Atrium so you can enter.

BTW, join our community of First Time Moms - and we'll be having a Hatchimals loot bag giveaway tomorrow, April 17, 2019!

Click here to join:

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy Egg Hunting!

[REVIEW] Organically Grown Aloe Inner Leaf Juice by Grace Cosmetics

April 6, 2019

One of the most fascinating ingredients that I found myself drawn to when it comes to skincare is none other than Aloe Vera. My fascination with Aloe Vera as a skincare ingredient started when my skin was suffering from sever eczema and only Aloe Vera was able to heal my skin. 

Up until now, I still gravitate toward this ingredient whenever I see them being used on skincare. That's why Grace Cosmetics' Organically Grown Aloe Inner Leaf Juice came a bit of a surprise for me because it's the first time that I have encountered a product of it's kind. I mean, sure, I do buy Aloe Vera juices but I don't think that this one beats them all.

It honestly took me a while to write this review because I wanted to finish the whole bottle first and it did took me 3 - 4 weeks, I guess. I encountered the Aloe Inner Leaf Juice by Grace Cosmetics through another brand that I was doing collaboration with and that they have sent me these products to try out. I was really in awe and super duper excited to try it out because I am a huge fan of anything Aloe Vera.

So, to give you the full details, the Aloe Inner Leaf Juice by Grace Cosmetics is a super juice solution for extra energy, a strengthened immune system & overall good health. It is 99% pure organically grown Aloe Barbadensis Inner Leaf Juice, providing a healthy fresh beverage for the health conscious person. The Aloe Vera juice is derived from the Aloe Barbadensis Miller, a plant known for its soothing properties and packed with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Active Aloe Vera is reported to contain over 200 enzymes and amino acids, plus the unique Aloe Vera polysaccharides. Modern science is not able to synthetically manufacture the polysaccharides found in active Aloe Vera. They are unique to the Aloe Vera plant and provide the basis for many of the outstanding results to the body, both internally and externally.

Essential Vitamins
High quality Active Aloe Vera contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, Folic Acid, Niacin, Biotin and Inositol.

Minerals & Enzymes
For overall health and well-being and managing stress levels, it is vitally important to ensure the body gets the necessary minerals. Active Aloe Vera contains 13 of the 17 essential minerals (electrolytes), needed for proper nutritional balance, including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium and iron.

Amino Acids
Amino Acids are essential to our health and are the building blocks for protein. Amino acids cannot be synthesized by our body and must therefore be obtained through our diet. Active Aloe Vera typically provides 20 of 22 necessary amino acids required and seven of the eight essential amino acids.

Therapeutic Benefits
Active Aloe Vera juice may help relieve pain associated with the symptoms of many common ailments such as:

● Ulcers
● Psoriasis
● Dermatitis
● Acne
● Constipation
● Mild burns
● Eczema

● Mild digestive complaints
● Mild gastric conditions
● Sunburn
● Immune system complaints

Healthy Skin & Anti-ageing Properties
The nutritional content in active Aloe Vera stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts (also known as cells or corpuscles), which produce collagen and elastin, helping improve the overall appearance and suppleness of our skin.

Active Aloe Vera contains natural synthesizers known to assist with inflammation and arthritis, helping provide soothing relief without any side effects. There have also been links to active Aloe Vera supporting joint and muscle mobility. digestion packed with natural detoxifying abilities, active Aloe Vera juice supports the digestive tract, helping increase protein absorption and improve bowel regularity.

Normaliser and Balancer
When regularly consumed, Active Aloe Vera juice increases energy and balance weight management by improving gastrointestinal function.

Pro-Ma Inner Leaf Aloe Juice contains Aloe Barbadensis Miller, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. Active Ingredient: Aloe Barbadensis Inner Leaf Fresh Juice 989mg/ml
No added flavours, colourings or sweeteners.


I have tried several Aloe Vera juices before and nothing can ever compare to the taste of Aloe Inner Leaf Juice by Grace Cosmetics. I can honestly say that this is the real deal and the purest form of Aloe Vera juice that I have ever consumed. It was a bit sour but it is very bearable for me. I love how it is since I do like anything that is sour.

The 1st week:
After the first week of drinking about 60 - 80 ml of this before bedtime, I immediately notice a change on my skin tone. My skin felt more smooth and plumped and I do have a very dry and overly sensitive skin, plus I am eczema prone skin as well so I knew that the changes was very evident since I am not consuming anything before this and my skin care routine remained the same for the duration of me taking the aloe juice.

The 2nd week:
Was skin was more clear by this time. My pimples have subside and my skin was very much hydrated even though the weather is insanely hot. Another thing that I have noticed around this time was that my excuse me for the word but my pooping habit became more frequent in the wee hours of night - which never happened to me before. So, around bedtime which would be around 12:00 - 12:30 midnight, I would take this and will find myself waking up between 2:00 - 3:30 am just to poo. It did say that this product detoxes the body so I am assuming that it's the product doing this effect.

The 3rd week:
Taking the juice regularly every night felt that somehow it did made a few changes to my body. I felt lighter, more energy than before, no heavy feeling like loss of energy. It also did improve my sleep because I was sleeping soundly a little bit longer. I have insomnia and my work form home schedule ends at different hours everyday so I immediately notice that my sleep was getting better when I was taking this.

I love this product! It's the first of it's kind that I have tried and I would love to grab one myself if I can. The price for this however is a little steep, at P2,400 for a 1 Liter. If you have the money to splurge I'd definitely recommend this product for you to try. I know I would if I have the extra money! *wink *wink

Aside from taking it purely on its own, you can also mix it to your fave juice or beverages. For this one, I find that mixing it with Yakult and half of glass of water and 60 ml of the aloe juice is really refreshing!

I've finally finished the 1 Liter last night and I wish I could have more. It's definitely worth a try!

Pro-Ma Inner Leaf Aloe Juice contains Aloe Barbadensis Miller, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. Active Ingredient: Aloe Barbadensis Inner Leaf Fresh Juice 989mg/ml
No added flavours, colourings or sweeteners.

Shake well before use. Store below 30C until opened. Refrigerate after opening and consume as soon as possible. Recommended dosage: 60mL to 80mL daily. Product may be taken directly or mixed with juice.

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy drinking!